“Governments are suffering from lack of trust among citizens”

BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said on Sunday that the lack of effective administration at the Centre in the past 10 years had eroded people’s trust in governance and expressed optimism that India would emerge stronger after a self-correction.

“Whenever there were problems, we have had reforms, revolutions and revolutionaries from within society. India knows how to make self-correction. We have a democracy where such corrections are built in the system,” he said.

The Gujarat Chief Minister was addressing students at the 9th convocation of SRM University near here.

Mr. Modi said the country was passing through a phase of crises. “Governments are suffering [from] a lack of trust among the citizens. Technocrats and scientists prefer to go and work abroad... I feel that the most important factor in making a change would be to entrust power to those who can do it.”

“The private enterprise is more than eager to enter the field of education, and I am personally quite convinced that we should give them a free hand. But I also believe that institution-building should start from the government, and hence I suggested that every State have an IIT, IIM and AIIMS,” he said.

Saying that the appointment of Satya Nadella as CEO of Microsoft was good news, Mr. Modi urged the students to create a Microsoft or a Google in India.

SRM Chancellor T.R. Pachamuthu said Mr. Modi was a trend-setter in economic development, and the country needed such a leader in the current scenario.

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