India and Canada are pressing ahead with high level engagements to develop closer ties in ensuring food and energy security besides investing in the sub-continent. The visit by Governor General of Canada David Johnston late this week will take this process forward when he inaugurates the Canadian Consulate General in Bengaluru next week.

The Canadian Governor General’s arrival follows visits by Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver and before that a large delegation of companies specialising in civil nuclear industry.

Although there has been disappointment over sourcing Canadian crude because not many public sector can process it, India is pitching for Canadian refineries in the country to overcome this technical glitch. According to experts, demand for liquids is expected to reduce due to an increase in energy from gas, nuclear and renewable sources. In India, however, the share of liquids may remain constant but the absolute demand may double in 20 years.

There has been no news on the civil nuclear energy front, mostly because the Government here is on its last legs. Canada also ensures India’s food security as it is a steady supplier of pulses.

``This visit builds on a series of high level visits from both sides in the recent past and is a reflection of the strong bilateral relations enjoyed by our countries. This visit will further enhance our bilateral trade relationship and thereby help the citizens of both countries,” noted Canadian High Commissioner Stewart Beck.

As is the case with all high level Canadian delegations, Mr. Johnston will be accompanied by a business delegation which aims to send the message about Canada’s role as a reliable, secure and environmentally responsible energy supplier.


World View: Friends and collaborators October 14, 2014

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