The India Meteorological Department on Thursday forecast that the monsoon, which has remained stationary for the past one week, is expected to advance northwards again.

Conditions were becoming favourable for the system to advance and cover Bihar, some more parts of Madhya Pradesh and some parts of east Uttar Pradesh during the next three to four days, the IMD indicated.

The week-long weak phase has meant that the system is nearly 10 days behind its normal schedule over the Indo-Gangetic plains.

Large deficiencies in rainfall were experienced over Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, and Chhattisgarh.

As of Wednesday, Delhi faces a considerable deficiency of 92 per cent – the capital city has so far received only 2.8 mm as against the normal 3.45 cm.

Uttar Pradesh followed closely with a deficiency of 83 per cent, Jharkhand 73 per cent, Madhya Pradesh 61 per cent, Orissa 49 per cent and Chhattisgarh 46 per cent.

However, meteorologists stressed that there was no cause for any serious alarm yet. Noting that the monsoon season was still in its early stage, they pointed out that the rainfall in June accounted for only 18 per cent of the total expected. They were optimistic that the shortfall could be made up in the rest of the season.

In its long-range forecast issued in April, the IMD had said the country could receive normal rainfall of 98 per cent during the four-month season this year, with a model error of plus or minus five per cent.


Monsoon could be more bountiful June 25, 2010

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