A third-year student at the Indian Institute of Technology-Patna allegedly committed suicide by jumping to death here on Thursday morning, Bihar police sources said.

Twenty-year-old Yalavarthi Sweeya, a resident of Miyapur in Hyderabad, was allegedly unhappy with her grades in the fifth semester, which caused her great mental distress and led her to commit suicide by jumping from her hostel's terrace.

The institute is presently operating from the Pataliputra Colony in the city till construction of its permanent domicile located at a sprawling 600 km campus in Bihta (on the outskirts of Patna) is completed.

Despite securing a cumulative performance index (CPI) of 7.8 in her fifth semester, Ms. Sweeya, a school topper, was unhappy with her present performance, said Registrar of IIT-Patna Subhash Pandey.

Prima facie, it appears to be a case of suicide. College authorities have stated that Ms. Sweeya had been taken for psychiatric counselling in the recent past as she was disturbed and unhappy with her grades,” said Senior Superintendent of Police Alok Kumar.

Mr. Kumar said that all angles were being probed and that the girl's parents were soon expected from Hyderabad.