Reacting to Asaram Bapu’s comments on how the Delhi girl could have escaped rape and assault, head of the Isha Foundation in Coimbatore Jaggi Vasudev said: “Some inane comments by an old man should not derail the focus and the significance of what is happening in the country right now.”

In a statement e-mailed to The Hindu, he said:

“For the first time, the people of India, who have been so docile and non-reactive to just about anything that happens to them, are outraged by this heinous act committed upon a young woman. Spontaneously, people are coming out on the streets, protesting and making their opinions very clear. It is not an organised movement, nor are people being mobilised; they are coming out of their own will and voicing their indignation.

“This is a great moment wherein India is willing to stand up against atrocities committed upon her people. When such a moment has come it is very important that we do not lose our focus, paying too much attention to inane, or I would say insane comments, made by someone. It is very important we treat him [Asaram Bapu] as we would treat any other individual expressing his archaic opinions without the necessary sense, and not as a spiritual leader.”

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