It is moving relief material across quake-hit Sikkim and flood-ravaged Orissa

The Indian Air Force (IAF) airbase in this eastern part of the country is now in the thick of action on two fronts — moving relief material across to quake-hit Sikkim and to flood-ravaged Orissa, keeping the lifelines open for survivors of natural calamities that struck these States.

With relief consignments arriving here from other parts of the country here hours after the 6.8 earthquake jolted the Himalayan State last Sunday, the base station is busy moving pieces every day.

Even as Air Commodore J. Chalapathi and his team were coordinating with authorities in Sikkim for constant updates on weather to begin helicopter sorties, messages were being delivered on their mobiles phones of yet another accomplishment, delivering aid to those marooned in Orissa.

“We make up for time lost due to bad weather,” said the Air Commodore even as he starting re-working plans with helicopters on the stand-by to move on the mission waiting for weather to clear in the hills on Saturday.

And all these tasks are going on even as the fleet of IAF Cheetah and Chetak helicopters continue to deliver supplies to regular units of paramilitary and the Army located in forward positions in parts of the north-east, including Sikkim.

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