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Updated: December 12, 2010 04:41 IST

I hope Opposition will see reason: Manmohan

Neena Vyas
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BREAKS SILENCE: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh arrives at the Tegel Military Airport in Berlin on Saturday
BREAKS SILENCE: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh arrives at the Tegel Military Airport in Berlin on Saturday

“I am very sad Parliament has not been allowed to function”

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday broke his silence on the logjam in Parliament over the Opposition demand for a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) probe into the 2G spectrum scandal.

“I am very sad that Parliament has not been allowed to function. We have, again and again, told the Opposition that existing institutional mechanisms can take care of whatever a JPC can do. I hope the Opposition will see reason,” Dr. Singh said during an informal talk with journalists on board a special flight from Brussels to Berlin on a chilly winter morning here.

Initially when asked when he would break his silence on the issue that has practically disrupted Parliament the whole of this winter session, Dr. Singh's response was that he would do so “in due course.” But immediately, he said he was sad that Parliament was not being allowed to function.

Asked what the government strategy would be if the Opposition protests spilled into the budget session in February next year, the Prime Minister expressed his apprehension: “I am worried about the future of the parliamentary system…I do hope reason will prevail [and the Opposition will not do that].”

He was also asked why he chose to make this visit — to Brussels for the India-European Union Summit on Friday, Berlin on Saturday for a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel — when Parliament was in session. His response was that first, “India would not be taken seriously if we fail to keep our commitments” on dates fixed for important bilateral and multilateral meetings, and two, anyway, not much was happening. “What is happening there [in Parliament] anyway?”

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What opposition is doing not good for the country. They are trying to gain the political mileage.They are not the purest parties to protest and stop the functioning of the democracy. Look at what is happening in Karnataka. There is a huge scam and the people involved are distributing ladoos and celebrating over peoples money.I am not a supporting any party in particular but I would like to make a statement that first everyone have to look into their house to clean the waste rather than complaining about others house with their house stinking.

from:  Manjith
Posted on: Dec 14, 2010 at 15:01 IST

It is sad that the status quo being maintained via usage of our Prime Minister's image as a uncorrupt individual. Unfortunately all others support him in not touching him only because of this image. We do not expect this, Being uncorrupt is primary for anyone and from a PM we expect efficiency and action not just being uncorrupt. What is wrong if fellow parliamentarians are going to ask a few questions in a Democracy. Either convince us the people with why there should not be JPC with reasons other than Karnataka BJP or PAC being in place. This is a question of putting things in right perspective from a leader and just because one is uncorrupt and definitely not about Congress or BJP. The mere pointing at Karnataka BJP on every occasion seems to slowly convince me that yes we are corrupt and so are BJP look at Karnataka. This is not expected from highest office in our country.

from:  Pavan Peechara
Posted on: Dec 13, 2010 at 15:55 IST

With the highest respect for Mr. Singh, this time, I only hope that HE sees reason.

from:  Luhar Sen
Posted on: Dec 13, 2010 at 10:03 IST

I think PM should adopt a pragmatic approach.if a single retried judge or an other alternative can deal as efficiently as a JPC, then why not JPC itself. Till now there was no solid reason for not granting a JPC.I think he should have commented with a little more responsibility and enthusiasm. This show how interested the congress men are in attending the parliament. And I agree with Mr.Harsh Gupta that the problem is not an intricate one and could have been easily solved. All are frustrated about this and the repercussions of this ego problem will have to be faced.

from:  Srikanth
Posted on: Dec 13, 2010 at 02:09 IST

The members have reigned supreme and the casualty is our democracy. All of us starting from the President of India, the Supreme Court, the print and visual media, the rich, the poor, the literate, the illiterate, the believers, the non-believers of gods, the children (future hope of India) all should silently weep in front of Gandhi's samadhi for revival of Dr Ambedkar's Constitution. Could we see honesty persisting in the midst of scams, truth in the midst of falsehoods and politics in the midst of politicians?

from:  Doodu
Posted on: Dec 12, 2010 at 14:46 IST

If the Prime Minister is "worried about the future of the parliamentary system" in the country, he has to look inwards to find a solution. He should realise that his playing "Nero" when the parliament is on fire has contributed to the depressing state of affairs. A Prime Minister has to lead the country and has to be seen up-front especially in a timr of crisis.

from:  K.Vijayakumar
Posted on: Dec 12, 2010 at 06:38 IST

Why shuld PM blame only BJP? All parties except Congress and one or two of their allies are for JPC.The Congress and some of their allies are involved in the alleged scam. Public should have confidence in investigation. It is better to have JPC and also continue with other investigations simultaneously.If these investigations do not prove anything against Congress and DMK they will become more strong and PM will be respected more for his honesty.

from:  Narayanan Krishnan
Posted on: Dec 12, 2010 at 04:49 IST

PM and his Ministers beleive in "No action is action in itself". They will not agree to Opposition demands how correct the Opposition might be in asking for JPC. They have ego problem. Their ego comes first. They do not care about nation, are not bothered to let public know who the culprits are behind 2G spectrum loss to the nation. PM and his Ministers must not forget public power - sooner or later they will have to pay price for their non action or delayed action and saving the culprits.

from:  Harsh Gupta
Posted on: Dec 12, 2010 at 04:21 IST

it is sad that opposition parties are making a mockery of democracy in the name of democracy. This is a bad example to every one. What if they come to power and the present ruling party does the same? Maybe the Speaker has a right to remove members obstructing the proceeding. It is as if the opposition has walked out.

from:  Mohan
Posted on: Dec 12, 2010 at 03:43 IST
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