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Updated: December 12, 2012 04:43 IST

I can’t help if Kejriwal is in his dreams, says Hazare

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Anna Hazare defended his flip-flop on Mr. Kejriwal, saying as times changed he had to alter his views about his former activist-colleague. File Photo
Anna Hazare defended his flip-flop on Mr. Kejriwal, saying as times changed he had to alter his views about his former activist-colleague. File Photo

Activist rules out his campaigning for AAP in 2014 poll

Social activist Anna Hazare on Tuesday reiterated that he would not campaign for his former colleague Arvind Kejriwal’s party in the 2014 elections. He would withhold his reasons for now. “If I say anything now, there will be problem.”

Mr. Hazare said here that Mr. Kejriwal was “dreaming” if he believed that he (Anna) would come round. “Agar who aisa sochtein hain, toh woh sapne dekh rahe hain. Mei kya keh sakta hun? (If he thinks so, he is dreaming. What can I say?)”

Initially, Mr. Hazare said he would support Mr. Kejriwal if he contested against Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal from Chandni Chowk here. Then he said he would back Mr. Kejriwal and other honest candidates from his Aam Aadmi Party but later aired the view that the AAP convener was “greedy” (for power) and he would not even vote for him, leave alone campaign for him.

To a question, Mr. Hazare defended his flip-flop on Mr. Kejriwal, saying as times changed he had to alter his views about his former activist-colleague.

Asserting that he did not intend entering politics and did not want to talk about Mr. Kejriwal, Mr. Hazare said, “I have never told anybody to vote for this party or that person. If I had belief in politics, I would have stood for elections much earlier.”

‘Time to dissolve House’

On other issues, Mr. Hazare said the time had come to dissolve Parliament as the divide between the rich and the poor was widening and the Lok Sabha was “not upholding the Constitution.”

The anti-corruption activist, who proposes to undertake a nationwide tour next month to “awaken people,” said the Lokpal Bill in the Rajya Sabha was “not so strong” and he would go on another agitation before the 2014 elections if a strong law was not brought before Parliament.

Mr. Hazare said a new office for his movement would be inaugurated at his Maharashtra village, Ralegan Siddhi, on the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Over 1,000 youths would gather there and take a pledge to bring about a change in the country.

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BJP and RSS are using Anna`s shoulder to fire at Arvind Kejriwal. This becomes evident from first, Anna`s collaboration with Baba Ramdev, who is a mouthpiece of RSS, second, the timing of Anna`s flip flop on Kejriwal, which happend just after Kejriwal`s allegation of corruption charges on Modi.
The other highly probable reason for Anna's contradiction of his own apolitical stature coule be sheer envy.Just like Mahatma Gandhi became wary of the rising popularity to Bhagat Singh, Anna is too showing signs of envy as his former aide has managed to garner wide publicity and has become capable to steer the anti-graft movement via his newly formed Aam Aadmi Party.

from:  Rohit Arora
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 17:37 IST

There are a couple of issues. First, the impression that politics is all bad. This impression need to be changed. It is only through good politics we can solve the fundamental issues of our country. Anna Hazare and Co. should shed their untouchability towards politics.
Second, the stance by Anna, Kiran Bedi etc. that politics is wrong is pretentious, their covert and overt support for BJP and their silence on communal politics shows that they have clear politics.
Thirdly, whether Kejriwal will emerge as a role model politician itself is questionable. Kejriwal or Anna is not campaigning in Gujarat where elections are held. Kejriwal at least did his expose on Modi, which he should have carried on to Gujarat.

from:  Roopesh
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 17:16 IST

For a given problem ,in variably there are more than one solution!why Do Indians forget that even during Independence movement,there were two lead by mahatma and the other by Netaji but, the goal remaining the same!kejriwal thinks that by entering electoral arena and parliament the nation can fight corruption while Anna thinks that this must only remain a movement!infact,all the political parties initially chided the group and dared them to fight the menace by contesting polls,entering parliament blah...blah.....!and when kejriwal just does that many take a U turn and ther are sections trying to sabotage his attemt!Indians are known for their hypocrisy!

from:  Prasad T.R.M
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 16:36 IST

It is high time Annaji tries to bury the differences with aam admi party and try to guide the party to win the elections and make the
party cleanse the corrupt system. His contradictory statements on
a daily basis against Arvind's team will only embolden the existing
corrupt political parties

from:  k.gopu
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 12:58 IST

Anna is now going in to petty technicalties. He is forgetting, thereby, that the common enemy of the nation at the time is corruption - at every level. Their ways to fight corruption might be different but the aim is the same. I am sure, united they can achieve more.

from:  Sham Vaid
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 12:45 IST

Anna probably forgot the proverb: Divided we fall.

from:  Anil Karn
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 12:03 IST

Anna has been diverted, misled by some people, it seems. Anna hazare is confused in taking decision. He must think, common poeple of India wants solution, They donot want shoutings only. What Anna has achieved by rally, fasting? So, in my opinion, he should understand the feelings of indians and he must provide the alternative political solution whom Aam Admi can elect and send into parilament.
Anna says, Congress is corrupt, BJP is also corrupt, Lalu, Mulayam, Amar Singh, Mayawati all corrupt. Then who should be elected by peple of India? Anna, give answer. So, better work together with Arvind who is giving option to us. Time to act, not to beg.

from:  raj kumar
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 11:22 IST

I think Mr.Kejriwal does not require to get Mr.Hazare's support for his
party. People will still support his courageous move of putting all his
stuff into actions rather than just talking and talking.......

from:  mahe
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 11:11 IST

Mr. Anna Hazare's path is worthless in today's time. I think Mr.
Kejriwal understood that if we want to change the system, we must be in
the system. Being a politician is not a insane thing. Mr. Kejriwal has
faith on the Indian people, that's why he dared to make a political
party. If Mr. Hazare says, Kejriwal is dreaming then what has Anna done.
Every agitation done by Anna seems to be a dream now. So I think Anna is
still dreaming that he can convince the government for Lokpal Bill.

from:  Abhishek Ranjan
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 11:02 IST

The type of statement that has been given by Anna Hazare will make the people in dilemma whom to co-operate. Everything now seems vivid.
Anna should either state why he is not with Kezriwal or he should say "no commnet" rather than confusing the people.

from:  amit
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 10:42 IST

Anna Hazare himself is in dreams if he is thinking that his planned protest before 2014 Lok sabha election is gonna have any impact. His changing stand everyday has put a question mark on his credibility and his remarks are appearing more like a frustration of losing the limelight to Kejriwal. Now govenrment fully understood how to deal with Anna's ansan."Just Ignore". They will again follow the same strategy if Anna organise such Ansan in future but I don't know why Anna is still living in dreams and blaming other of living in dreams.

from:  Manish Richhariya
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 10:37 IST

Annaji, we respect you, but it doesn't mean that you are above the law and God! Your actions does not reflect your WILL nowadays. You are making statements today and make alternate statements next day! Is it good for any organization who are agitating against corruption in India? No, not at all. People in Ralegaon Siddhi also making questions about your statements and your anti corruption face is becoming toothless now. You and Arvind was one and your ideology was one. You are telling that your struggle is anti political cannot be digested anymore as your outright rejection of support to AAP comes immediately after its rally they organized Mr. Sunil Tatkares constitutency and this shows that you are fully protecting the corruption of certain section of Maharashtrain Leaders and projecting as champion against corruption in National Level. If you are further distancing against political parties, your further agitation against corrutpion will be total failure in future.

from:  Khairnar
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 09:27 IST

“India has been ranked 94th out of 176 countries [last year, 95 out of
183] in Transparency International’s 2012 Corruption Perception
Index... a very low score of 36 [out of 100 attributed]... to the
recent scams and incidents of corruption in the public sector
involving government officials, private officials and private
companies.” (The Hindu, 5 Dec 12). In such a situation, citizens in a
democracy are entitled to rely on the Opposition Parties to rescue
matters. But Indians are left high and dry: “While the BJP’s past
wrongdoings are still helping the Congress, the Congress’s present
wrongdoings are not coming to the aid of the BJP.” (The Hindu
Editorial: Who’s afraid of moral defeat? 7 Dec 12).
The AAP promises an alternative to the beleaguered nation.
Will thinking Indians put the country before personal interests, to
try and safeguard their country for their future generations, before
it slides into ever deeper hell, lawlessness and catastrophic social
unrest? If not now, when?

from:  D Mahapatra
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 09:26 IST

I really dont understand Anna's Stand. He dont belive in politics but want to improve political structure of this country. He will keep anshan to request other to clean the system but when kejriwal is trying to clean it himself, he is against him.
I think they should stop commenting on each other and start thinking about improving situation in india.

from:  gavaksh saxena
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 09:23 IST

arvind kejriwal need no help from u. he is doing a great job. anna has
waste d time of all common people who gathered in their meeting on
sunday. The perfect way to change d system is by getting into politics n
make ur govt by urself.

from:  abhishek
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 09:13 IST

If Kejriwal by stepping into the electoral fray is DREAMING according to Anna Ji,the
old man is indeed getting senile & its he who is dreaming that by going on fast all ill
will just vanish from India. Just shows how divided & divisive we are & not to mention selfishness. India cannot be a Ralegaon Siddhi, Anna ji. Do bear in mind that only a strong opposition works in electoral democracy & not a divided one. I believe Kejriwal is right though he has yet to build a team.

from:  S V Raghavan
Posted on: Dec 12, 2012 at 09:12 IST
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