As day dawned, advocates waited to see if he would show up in court hall 1

Chief Justice P.D. Dinakaran did not preside over the proceedings in the Karnataka High Court on Thursday, though he had expressed a desire on Wednesday.

Justice Dinakaran has abstained from presiding over the proceedings for more than six months following a resolutions passed by the Advocates Association of Bangalore (AAB), which asked him to refrain from attending court work as there were allegations of land-grab and corruption against him.

The AAB also wanted the Supreme Court collegium to either transfer Justice Dinakaran or ask him not to sit in court until his name is cleared.

When the Rajya Sabha initiated impeachment proceedings against him, Justice Dinakaran decided against presiding over judicial functions though he continued discharging administrative duties.

On Wednesday, Justice Dinakaran, following requests from a section of advocates, expressed his inclination to preside over the proceedings. However, the AAB reiterated its opposition.

The cause list for Thursday also showed that the Chief Justice would not sit in court. However, as the day dawned, there was a hush of expectancy as advocates, law clerks, staff and others waited to see if Justice Dinakaran would preside over the proceedings. But court hall No. 1, which is the court of the Chief Justice, remained vacant. Some AAB members, who had decided to protest in case he showed up there, went back.

However, none of the advocates could gauge the reason why Justice Dinakaran changed his mind. They wanted to know what made him think of sitting in court even as his transfer to Sikkim is under way.