Former Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee, who presided over the 2008 trust vote, today hoped law will take its own course though he felt the investigation process into the cash-for-vote scam was a prolonged one.

Mr. Chatterjee was commenting on the arrest of Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh and two former BJP MPs in connection with the scam.

“It was the most improper and most reprehensible act of bribery on the Floor of the Lok Sabha. Though late, I hope the law will take its own course,” Mr. Chatterjee, who had presided over the July 22, 2008 trust vote in Parliament, said.

“The investigation process was late and police action delayed,” he said, adding that a proper inquiry should have been initiated immediately after the incident.

Mr. Chatterjee said whatever action he had taken on the issue was taken in a most humble way by him.

“I at once called a meeting of leaders of political parties, asked the three MPs (including Faggan Kulaste and Mahavir Bhagora) to appear before me in my chamber and why they did not inform me so that police could have been called,” he said.

“It was a serious case of bribery and a shameful act and justice should be done in this case,” he added.