Rajya Sabha member and CPI national secretary D. Raja on Friday urged the Centre to intervene and help the internally displaced Sri Lankan Tamils to get back to their traditional places of stay as their present condition in the camps was miserabale.

Describing the camps run by the Sri Lankan government as “concentration camps.” Mr. Raja told The Hindu that “history will blame India” for its failures if it did not interfere as there were reports of Tamils, particularly women and youth, being tortured and put behind bars on false cases.

Political solution

Asking why no one was speaking for a political solution to the problems of Tamils, he said India should have taken up the issue strongly on international forums and highlighted the Sri Lankan government’s violation of human rights and “genocide of the Tamil race” in 2009. But India remained a mute spectator as Tamils were facing brutalities at the hands of the Sri Lankan army and two lakh of them were displaced and continue to live in pathetic conditions.

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