“Kejriwal has done nothing for himself. Whatever he is doing is for the nation,” he says

Social activist Anna Hazare on Saturday ruled out campaigning for political parties other than the Aam Admi Party floated by Arvind Kejriwal even if they fielded people with clean records.

“There may be two to four good candidates in other political parties. But who controls these parties? At present, parties are more important than the nation and individuals are above parties. This is a dangerous sign for our democracy. That’s why at the moment, we are not looking at all parties,” Mr. Hazare said at a press conference.

“You must have heard all parties have framed laws that they would not give information about the donation below Rs. 20,000 being received for elections. They are receiving crores of rupees from industrialists and split the amount into Rs. 20,000 each. They give names of donor as Ramia, Bomia, Naria etc. They convert black money into white,” the anti-graft crusader said. “When parties begin with corruption, how can they work for development and change the fate of the nation?”

‘I know Arvind’

“I know Arvind. He has no goals of his own. What I have realised in these two years is that Arvind has done nothing for himself. He has left his home and children. Whatever he is doing is for the nation. That’s why I will only campaign for his party,” he said.

On the issue of foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail, Mr. Hazare said: “You are inviting foreign companies to do business in India. They will not procure commodities from foreign soil. They will have to depend on us. Instead of requesting them, why can’t our people be roped in. What is the harm in it? People will come from foreign countries. They will do business on our resources. And they will finally return after looting everything. This is not in the interest of the nation.”

Asked why a massive scam alleged to have taken place in the mining sector of Odisha did not figure in his campaign, he said, “The best answer to the scams is that the party that led the government should not be voted to power again. And when the next government comes, make sure an inquiry is instituted against the previous government.”

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