“If you have 8 billion dollars, would you need an introducer to open UBS Bank account?”

Rheema Khan, wife of Pune-based businessman Hasan Ali Khan who has been accused of massive money laundering, on Wednesday claimed that Adnan Khashoggi, an international arms dealer, did not introduce her husband to UBS Bank, a Swiss bank, for opening an account.

“These ED (Enforcement Directorate) people say some person… Adnan Khashoggi [named by the ED in its charge sheet against Hasan Ali as an international arms dealer who has links with stud farm owner] was the introducer who helped Ali open an account in UBS Bank for stashing this much money. As per common sense, if you have $8 billion, would you need an introducer to open an account in such a bank?” she asked a few reporters outside the special Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) court where Mr. Ali was brought for the hearing on his medical plea.

‘He is suffering'

“If he would have had that kind of money, what would he be doing in the jail for so many days? We are all suffering. He is suffering. He has recently suffered an initial paralytic attack. They aren't even willing to admit him to the hospital. Do they want him to die?” she said, unable to control her tears.

She claimed that some doctors in J.J. Hospital, where Mr. Ali was taken for the medical check-up, told her that he was serious and needed to be admitted in the Intensive Care Unit. “A neurologist said there is a black spot observed in his brain during the MRI scan. But they don't put it on paper due to some pressure,” she claimed.

“Irrespective of whether he has that kind of money, all I am saying is, take care of him. Don't let him die. Is it too much to ask for?” she said, claiming that the jail authorities were not taking good care.

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