Almost half of the petrol price of Rs 51.45 a litre in the national capital is made up of taxes, while levies constitute about one-third of the diesel rate of Rs 37.62 per litre.

Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Jitin Prasada said Rs 25.01, or 48.61 per cent, of the retail selling price of petrol was on account of central and state taxes.

In the case of diesel, the levies total Rs 10.99 a litre, 29.21 per cent of the retail selling price.

“The Ministry of Finance has informed that at present there is no proposal before the government to alter the rates of central indirect taxes,” he said in a written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha here.

Customs duty of 7.5 per cent accounts for Rs 1.66 of the retail price of petrol, while excise duty contributes Rs 14.78. Another Rs 8.57 of the retail price was due to Delhi VAT.

On diesel, customs duty contributes Rs 1.82 and excise Rs 4.74 to the retail price. VAT accounts for another Rs 4.43 of the retail price per litre of diesel, he said.

Mr. Prasada said there is no customs and excise duty on domestic LPG and kerosene. On kerosene, the state VAT of Rs 0.59 a litre is included in the retail price of Rs 12.32 a litre in Delhi.

The Delhi government does not levy VAT on LPG and so the retail price of Rs 345.35 per 14.2-kg cylinder is due to the input cost, he added.

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