Evoking the concept of humanitarian consideration, India has sought the release of Sarabjit Singh presently in a state of deep coma after being assaulted in a Lahore jail by co-inmates.

India has also asked Pakistan to consider the option of transferring Sarabjit to India for further treatment if it is medically feasible.

Terming the current state of affairs as a mismatch between Indian expectations and Pakistani delivery, Minister of External Affairs Salman Khurshid said the issue was too tragic and important for "us as a nation" and human beings for frivolous criticism especially by the media and the Bharatiya Janata Party. "The nation needs to speak with one voice. We will be happy to consider any constructive criticism while we are pulling out all our diplomatic resources," he said.

Asked whether he would travel to Pakistan just as the Italian Minister did in the case of Italian marines, Mr. Khurshid, while ruling out such an option due to the current state of relations between India and Pakistan, said the Government did not need any recommendations from the media while it was putting all its resources into ensuring the best medical treatment for Sarabjit.

"We continue to do our best. Right now it is important he gets the best possible medical attention. If his medical condition permits, we could fly him out and given him the best possible treatment," he said.

Turning to the BJP, he said there were a lot of things that the party should not have done such as getting on the bus to Pakistan.

Mr. Khurshid is here to hold a review meeting of all bilateral issues with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, including giving a push to civil nuclear cooperation, open new areas in defence collaboration, Russian investment in Indian special economic zones and ease bottlenecks that have inhibited trade with Russia especially in fertilizers and chemicals. Mr. Khurshid also touched upon further collaboration in the hydrocarbons sector and a free trade agreement with the trio of Russia, Kazakhstan and Bylorussia.

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