Father of 3 thalassaemia-afflicted children thought of moving court for mercy deaths

A day after a financially ruined man, three of whose children are suffering from thalassaemia, announced plans to knock on the doors of the judiciary to seek mercy deaths for him and his ailing sons, the Tarun Gogoi-headed Assam government on Thursday came forward to bear the expenses for treatment of the trio.

Abdur Rahim, father of five, who hails from Doboka in Nagaon district, on Wednesday said he had no money left to continue treatment for Sadik Ahmed (16), Suheil Ahmed (14) and Mohammed Samim (9).

Desperate call

“I had a shoe shop and factory in Shillong. Over the past 16 years I had to sell every single property and business. Now, only the house at Doboka is left and I don’t have money even to take my children to Guwahati for treatment of the blood disorder. I need about Rs 50,000 every month as my sons require blood infusion every month and have to take costly medicine. My eldest son telephoned me two days ago and said his condition would deteriorate if he was not given treatment immediately. The only option left for me was to approach court to seek permission for mercy death for me and my three sons,” he told The Hindu.

Fresh lease of life

However, “When I learnt that the Assam government is going to bear the expenses of treatment in Guwahati, I got a fresh lease of my life. It has rekindled my hope to live and also for my ailing children,” said Mr Rahim. He is expected to call on the Chief Minister on Friday.