West Bengal has to move away from the culture of strikes, says Mamata

Emphasising the need for “West Bengal to move away from a culture of strikes,” Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said here on Thursday that her government will enact a “stringent legislation” that will ensure that transport operators cannot cause frequent disruptions by calling strikes.

She said that her government is also contemplating legislation against vandalism during strikes.

“Today you have pelted stones; it is fine. From now on do not pelt stones as the government will take strong action.”

Ms. Banerjee said that the State’s Transport department was in the process of issuing more permits to vehicles and transport operators, but providing transport is an “emergency service” and they will not be allowed to cause frequent disruptions.

Hoye korun, noye shorun (either get it done; or move out),” Ms. Banerjee told the transport operators adding that they stood the risk of losing their permits if they went on frequent strikes.