Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata on Friday said action should be taken against anyone found guilty of wrongdoing in the 2G spectrum scam, for which the government should bring in an auditor and have an investigation.

However, Mr. Tata expressed concern over unsubstantiated media attacks being made apparently on the basis of unauthorised tapes.

“So, I think these are bad times. I wish the government would take a stand, bring in an auditor and have an investigation. Book people who are guilty of something,” he told television channel NDTV.

Mr. Tata said it was murky and confusing for him now.

“Because just a couple of weeks ago, we were sort of sitting on top of the summit or mountain top with President Obama, showering praises and talking about the maturity of having emerged and not an emerging force. And then we have somewhat slipped into a morass of series of allegations, unauthorised tapes being flooded, the media going crazy on alleging, convicting, executing. You are literally character assassinating,” he said.

Mr. Tata said there had been a smokescreen behind the so-called scam, which really was out-of-turn allocation of spectrum, hoarding of spectrum by important players for free, and things of this nature.

‘Stop these attacks'

“Stop these sort of banana republic kind of attacks on whoever one chooses to attack, even before the person has in, what I consider, every Indian's right to be considered innocent, until found guilty in a court of law, not on the street, not in this way,” Mr. Tata said.

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