Proceedings held in camera, victim may depose tomorrow

More than a month after a photojournalist was gang raped while on an assignment at the Shakti Mills compound here, her mother and her boss deposed in a sessions court on Tuesday. The proceedings were held in camera.

In the witness statement attached to the charge sheet, the survivor’s mother said she had called her daughter twice on the evening of August 22, the day the gang rape took place. She told the police that she received a call from Jaslok Hospital, where the survivor went after the incident, around 7.30 p.m.

Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam also examined the survivor’s boss whom she had called from the scene of crime.

In her statement to the police earlier, the witness had said that the survivor called her but her line was busy. When the boss returned the call, the survivor told her that a group of men had accosted her and her male colleague, asking if they had permission to shoot in the premises. The boss had asked her to leave the premises immediately.

. “The victim is expected to depose during the next hearing,” said Mr. Nikam.

The matter will be heard again on Thursday.