National Human Rights Commission Chairman K.G. Balakrishnan on Friday termed “absolutely incorrect” the allegations made against him by a former Kerala High Court judge, who also demanded his resignation.

The allegations were “absolutely incorrect” and these were being made and spread by “people with vested interests,” Justice Balakrishnan told journalists here.

Doubts persist

Justice P.K. Shamsuddin, who had served in the Kerala High Court along with Justice Balakrishnan, told CNN-IBN on Thursday that his resignation pending inquiry would be proper “since in people's mind there are many doubts against him.”

The retired judge had said that a few years ago he was approached by a man in Bangalore who requested him to facilitate an introduction to Justice Balakrishnan's son or son-in-law in connection with a case in the Supreme Court.

When journalists sought his reaction to the matter, Justice Balakrishnan said: “Ask the person who has made the allegations. Is he an agent?”

Justice Shamsuddin refused to make public the name of the person who approached him but said he knew him well.

“Till then I did not know that K.G. Balakrishnan was approachable,” he had said. PTI

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