Social networking giant Facebook has hired an engineering student in Allahabad for an annual pay package of Rs. 1.34 crore.

Director of the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (MNNIT) P. Chakravarti said a B.Tech student, who has requested that his name be withheld for “security reasons,” received a letter on March 27 from Facebook confirming his appointment and an annual pay package of $2,62,500.

Mr. Chakravarti said the recruitment process began with a mail from Facebook in October last, which was followed by nine rounds of telephonic interviews” before the student was finally selected for the job that would require him to move to Menlo Park in California after finishing his course. The student hails from Kanpur.

“We have knowledge of at least 30 of our alumni getting selected with packages of more than Rs. 10 lakh from companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, etc,” Mr. Chakravarti said.