Narendra Modi’s “ABCD” jibe at Congress over corruption triggered a retort that his alphabetical primer begins with ‘F’-Fake Encounter.

Union Minister Jairam Ramesh also compared Mr. Modi to controversial English captain Douglas Jardine who used ‘bodyline’ bowling tactics to intimidate rival batsmen.

“I do not know whether they are learning the ABCD of politics or they are not learning the XYZ of politics, but I do know that the alphabetical primer that he follows starts with F that stands for Fake Encounter and ends with G which stands for Genocide,” Congress leader Manish Tewari told reporters in Ludhiana.

Mr. Modi had, addressing a massive rally in Jaipur on Tuesday, said that the country should be rid of Congress rule to make it corruption-free. He had devised an alphabetical primer to take a jibe at the Congress over a spate of graft cases and said, “A for Adarsh Ghotala, B for Bofors Ghotala, C for Coal ghotala, D for Damad ka ghotala (corruption)... this is the new ABCD... which the Congress adopted to introduce a new book of alphabets for children.”

Mr. Ramesh hit back at Modi saying, ““The abrasive and the abusive manner in which he (Modi) carries on a campaign...we do not want to follow in the same category but at the same time he is a political reality.”

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