Congress is predicted to have an edge in BJP-ruled Himachal Pradesh

Exit and opinion polls on television channels at the end of voting in Gujarat on Monday projected the BJP performing a hat-trick in the State, while the Congress is predicted to have an edge in BJP-ruled Himachal Pradesh.

Exit poll carried out by C-Voter for Times Now predicted 119 to 129 seats for the BJP, while the Congress was projected to win between 49 and 59 seats out of the 182 seats in the Gujarat Assembly.

News 24 showed that the BJP was likely to get 140 seats, against 117 it won in the 2007 Assembly poll, as the party was expected to get 46 per cent of the total vote share. The poll conducted by Chanakya for the channel projected the Congress getting 40 seats, 19 short of the 59 it won in the 2007 poll.

Headlines Today predicted the BJP winning between 118 and 128 seats, while the Congress was likely to win in 50 to 56 seats, with a 37 per cent vote share.

ABP News predicted the BJP winning in 126 seats and the Congress in 50 constituencies.

C-Voter predicted a vote share of 46 per cent for the BJP against 37 per cent for the Congress, while Chanakya said the BJP was likely to get a 50 per cent vote share against 35 per cent for the Congress.

In Himachal Pradesh, C-Voter predicted 30 to 38 seats for the Congress, while the BJP is likely to get 27 to 35 seats in the 68-member Assembly.

Chanakya predicted the Congress winning 40 seats, while the BJP was likely to win 23 seats. Others may win in five seats.

CNN-IBN predicted the Congress getting between 29 and 35, and the same for the BJP. It said the Congress would get a vote share of 41 per cent and the BJP, 40 per cent.

The CNN-IBN poll conducted after the first phase in Gujarat projected the BJP winning 53-63 seats, with the Congress getting 19 to 27 seats.

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