Asserting that electronic voting machines used in India are “1000 per cent” tamper-proof, Election Commissioner S Y Quraishi on Sunday said they could not be compared with EVMs in European countries as they run on a much simpler technology that cannot be manipulated.

Speaking here at the release of a report on ‘Global Consultations on the EU’s Role in Democracy Building’ he also favoured addressing the issue of internal democracy in political parties of India.

“There has been a controversy about EVMs. But while earlier we were 100 per cent sure that it cannot be manipulated, after the controversy, we are 1000 per cent sure that no one can manipulate them,” Quraishi said.

Remarking that some European countries had stopped use of EVMs, he said those machines had a “basic flaw”. “They used an operating system that can be manipulated. But, ours run on a much simpler technique of a calculator and hence is foolproof,” he said. “The EU can try them too”, he said.

On the experience of democracy in India, he said the disillusionment about political parties that was witnessed among the people in the aftermath of 26/11 attacks prove that “democracy cannot be taken for granted“.

He also said there was a need for addressing the issue of “internal democracy” in political parties and pitched for a forum to deliberate on the issue.

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