President of Gadicharla Foundation K.C. Kalkura has said the Director-General of Police has demonstrated intolerance towards the Fourth Estate by ordering his subordinates to register a case against the Resident Editor of The Hindu.

In a statement, he said the DGP had ignored the fact that he was one of the 30 top officers in the country and was endowed with the responsibility of protecting the life and freedom of ten crore people of the State.

Urging the Police Department to avoid clash between the law enforcing agencies and the Fourth Estate by dropping the charges against Resident Editor of The Hindu, Mr. Kalkura said an officer of the stature of the DGP should be prepared for bouquets and brickbats and was also accountable to public. Every citizen of the State had the right to question his acts, leave alone the Press.

Mr. Kalkura said the officer should not ignore the fact that the same newspaper must have praised him for his good work in the past.