India Against Corruption activist Arvind Kejriwal was asked to clear the air about his ideology and approach by a lady and her supporters at his press conference in Ghaziabad on Sunday evening.

Mr. Kejriwal tried to wriggle out of her posers by claiming not to know her and saying her questions need not be answered.

Annie Kohli, who claimed to be from Mumbai and a former IAC activist, distributed pamphlets in which she asked Mr. Kejriwal to clarify whether he was following Mahatma Gandhi’s brand of politics or subscribed to the revolutionary ideology.

When Mr. Kejriwal came out of the conference venue to meet her, she seemed to berate him while the anti-corruption activist tried to mollify her by seeking to involve her in the movement.

“You are using this as a ladder for your politics. Revolutionaries never ran away from sufferings. But for you, when the time came, you ran away. You were on protest with disabled people on Salman Khurshid case. First you said, you will sit there till you get results. But after four days, you left the place saying you will go to Farukkhabad instead. You have support in Delhi. You want to become a leader,’’ she said.

Mr. Kejriwal invited her to take his place in Delhi while he agitated in Farukkhabad.

But Ms. Kohli turned down the offer, saying she is from Mumbai.

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