Even as outrage continued over the gang rape of a photojournalist in Mumbai, Bollywood veterans on Saturday, expressed their disapproval of statements made by a section of politicians blaming migrants for increased incidents of crime against women.

Actor and social activist Shabana Azmi said that instead of rushing to such hasty conclusion, one should examine facts and guard against “politicising the situation.”

“I think this is a very unfortunate way of saying that migrants are responsible for such incidents. If you look at the statistics of Maharashtra more than 70 per cent of the migration that takes place .. happens from the interiors of Maharashtra itself,” she said on sidelines of an event in the city.

“To make comments [about] why crimes are on the rise without going into any real social analysis would be a hasty decision, “ said Ms Azmi pointing out, “the fact that it happens with such impunity points to the fact that people do not have the fear instilled in them that law and order will actually take its course”.

Actor Om Puri said that those who raped her could have been from any community. “It could be a mixed element. He could be a Maharashtrian.. a Punjabi or from U.P ” Mr. Puri said, adding that every community had such elements in it.

“The only thing that should happen in terms of law is to expedite these matters. I mean the Delhi girl who died….the matter is still in fast-track court. If this is the condition of the fast [track] court... then what will happen to the other cases,” he queried

Actor Waheeda Rehman echoed similar views and said, “outsiders, insiders do not make a difference.” “People are losing senses and their values. They are going mad,” she said.

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