No case will be registered against him, says Shinde

While seeking adequate compensation for the friend of the December 16 gang rape victim, who also suffered immense physical and mental trauma, Communist Party of India leader Gurudas Dasgupta on Tuesday urged Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde to ensure that his personal freedom was not infringed in the name of physical protection.

3 questions

Talking to The Hindu, Mr. Dasgupta said that in a telephonic conversation with Mr. Shinde he had raised three issues. “Even if the boy is a key witness, how can his mouth be shut as under the Criminal Procedure Code, there is no provision for it? Why was his interview removed from various websites? And why is there a talk of registering a case against him.’’

Mr. Dasgupta said the Minister assured him that “no case would be registered against the boy and that he has called the Delhi Police Commissioner to discuss the issue tomorrow [Wednesday].”

As for removal of the interview content from social networking sites, the Minister claimed that he was not aware of it. “He has, however, assured [me] that there would be no harassment of the boy,” said the CPI leader.

Mr. Dasgupta said the boy could not be gagged. “I am told by the police circles that the court has given the order that nothing about the case can be spoken outside. I am amused as while the proceedings are in-camera, how can a court give an order that those who know about a case cannot speak about it outside?”

The CPI leader said, “There should be a fair trial and in-camera proceedings but the freedom of expression of any person, who may be a witness or knows something about the case, should be protected,” adding, “What he submits in court amounts only to evidence.”

Pointing out that Mr. Shinde had informed him, “We have taken care of personal safety of the boy,” Mr. Dasgupta said: “In the name of protecting the key witness or his evidence, nothing should be done to infringe upon his personal freedom.”

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