With the Lok Sabha polls not far away, a drastic reorganisation of the Uttar Pradesh Congress appears to be on the cards with Rahul Gandhi giving hints that tough steps will be taken to stem the rot in the wake of the assembly debacle.

“Don’t expect a kid gloves treatment from now on. It will be firm steps,” was the message of Mr. Gandhi to the newly-elected MLAs of the party during the second day of the review of the poll debacle.

The interactions saw Mr. Gandhi giving the mantra of ‘stay connected’ at the grassroot level, to Congress leaders. Several MLAs lamented a disconnect with central leaders.

“Those who have stayed connected have sailed through. Do not forget the name of your grassroots workers after you win.

Stay connected with people not with a purpose of winning elections but to serve them,” said Mr. Gandhi.

Interacting with party MLAs who were successful in the just-concluded battle of the ballot in the politically crucial state, the young leader also told them that unity of purpose and action in the state legislature will help them forcefully put forward their views.

With Congress winning only 28 out of the total 403 seats, Mr. Gandhi wanted the MLAs to effectively raise issues after proper homework so that they take up the correct causes.

The MLAs complained that the campaigning lacked the local depth, flavour and the punch and resorted to generalisations about the state scene, ignoring the problems faced in individual constituencies.

Some of them criticised the central leaders, including Union Ministers from the state, for not including them during campaigning by Mr. Gandhi in their areas.

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