The Delhi Police suspect that one of the reasons why the Bhaujan Samaj Party MP Dhananjay Singh, who was arrested along with his wife Jagriti Singh in connection with the murder of a domestic help a few days ago, tampered with the CCTV recordings at his Lutyens’ Zone official residence was that he himself was captured torturing his domestic helps.

Even as forensic experts are trying to retrieve the footages from the digital video recorders submitted by Mr. Singh, among the disclosures made by one of the domestic helps is that not only Jagriti but Mr. Singh too would hit him at times. While recounting the tortures he was subjected to, the minor told the police that Mr. Singh allegedly thrashed him using his boots on some occasions.

Ms. Jagriti was booked for murdering 35-year-old Rakhi and attempting to murder two others including, the minor complainant in the case. Mr. Singh was charged with destroying evidence and abetting the crime of his wife.

More legal provisions pertaining to conspiracy, trafficking and invasion of privacy could be added to the case in the coming days, said the police.

Accordingly, the couple may also face charges under section 120-B (Criminal Conspiracy) in the attempt to murder on another female domestic help Meena who is currently under treatment at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital.

It is alleged that when the police first came to know about Meena from her juvenile colleague and enquired about her from the MP, Mr. Singh told them that she was sent to his brother-in-law’s residence. She was later taken to the police station by Mr. Singh, but the police suspect that he applied pressure on her to suppress facts and hence, became a part of the conspiracy along with his wife.

A senior police officer said when Meena was rescued, her right hand was fractured and the left hand bore deep injury marks.

He added that her teeth were broken and there were signs that her lower limbs were weakened due to continuous hitting with blunt objects.

Under constant torture and surveillance, the three domestic helps could never visit their hometowns or even leave the 175, South Avenue Flat of the BSP MP. Meena has purportedly revealed that to prevent her from making any attempts to escape from the premises, Ms.Jagriti used to chop her hair using razor.

She would even not allow any of the helps to talk to their families and made them lead unsocial reclusive lives.

According to the police, once when the juvenile was caught by Ms. Jagriti chatting with a Nagaland Police personnel deployed as a security guard, she took him inside the house and thrashed him.

Claiming that they have inched closer to establishing the complete chain of events leading to Rakhi’s death, the police said on November 1, Rakhi was mercilessly brutalised by Ms. Jagriti for delay in preparing food. Next morning, as blood oozed from her injured body parts Jagriti screamed at the helps telling them that she hated seeing blood stains on the floor.

She forced Rakhi to clean those overlooking that she was in an injured state, the minor is learnt to have told the police.

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