Charging expelled party leader Jaswant Singh with showing ‘sheer political opportunism’, the BJP on Wednesday said it has left to Mr. Singh to decide on his holding the post of Public Accounts Committee chairman in the Lok Sabha.

“We (BJP) have left it to Mr. Jaswant Singh to decide whether he would retain the PAC chairmanship after expulsion,” the party spokesman Ravishankar Prasad told reporters here.

According to parliamentary traditions the post of PAC chairman goes to the chief opposition in the house and Singh should have quit the post after being expelled from BJP, he said.

“BJP will take a decision on the future course of action on the current imbroglio over the post at an appropriate time and an appropriate stage,” Mr. Prasad said replying to a query.

Mr. Singh’s exit would in no way impact BJP, the largest Opposition party in Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, he said.

“Jaswant Singh enjoyed the membership of Parliament for a long time and held several top posts at the Centre only because of BJP,” he said.

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