The dabbawallas of Mumbai, known for their impeccable teamwork and time management, will be striking work on Friday to support the Jan Lokpal andolan, breaking a 120-year-old tradition of delivering tiffins without ever going on a strike.

“There are 5,000 dabbawallas catering to a clientele of 1.5 to 2 lakh. We will strike for a day and not deliver tiffins. If Anna Hazare can fast for the country, for its poor, for so many days, we can strike and show our support for him at least for a day. The rich are getting richer in this country and the poor poorer. We would be happy to contribute our bit to this andolan,” Raghunath Medge, director of the Mumbai Dabbawalla Sanghatana told The Hindu over telephone.

On Friday, they would be staging a rally from Mumbai's Churchgate station to the Azad Maidan, site of the Jan Lokpal andolan in Mumbai.

“There is no compulsion on the dabbawallas to participate. There are also no complaints from our customers. In fact, they have told us to participate in the andolan on their behalf. Each person has been a victim of corruption. We feel this ‘kranti' is very important for the future generation,” said Kiran Govind Gavande, secretary, Mumbai Jevan Dabbe Vahatuk Mandal.