Hundreds of residents of the city's Chachal area fished out currency notes in the denomination of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 from Silsako Beel, a wetland, but no one has any clue how the notes entered the wetland.

Local residents said that when some people went fishing in the wetland, they noticed currency notes floating on the water. The news spread like wild fire and scores of people rushed to the wetland to try their luck and fish out as many notes as they could. Almost everyone got at least one or two notes. The people who found the money claimed that the notes were genuine.

The number of onlookers also swelled through the day as more people joined others in fishing out notes, even after dusk. A team of police officers was unable to find any clue after investigation.

Probe underway

City Senior Superintendent of Police Apurba Jibon Baruah told The Hindu that investigations were on to trace the source of the money and find out whether the notes were fake or genuine.

“The investigation is likely to take some time. However, we are positive that we will be able to crack it. We will take the sample currency notes to the Reserve Bank to ascertain if the notes were genuine. We suspect it might be illegal money,” he added.

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