The CPI(M) on Thursday attacked the government for “abdicating” its responsibility of providing succour to the people against rising prices, saying it had even given up the pretext of showing remorse towards “suffering India“.

“Even the pretext of showing remorse at the unprecedented burdens being imposed on the vast majority of Indian people due to relentless rise in the prices ... has now been officially given up by the UPA-2 government,” party’s Politburo member Sitaram Yechury said.

In this context, he quoted Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee as saying in Lok Sabha that “I will not be surprised if it (inflation) reaches double digits in March itself“.

In an editorial in the party organ People’s Democracy, the CPI(M) leader said, “By pleading helplessness, the government is not just abdicating its responsibility of providing some relief to the people.

“Worse, it is blatantly declaring that in order to provide further gains and super profits to its social base of the ruling classes, the ‘aam aadmi’ has to suffer by bearing the burden for providing such gains to the rich. Therefore, for the shining India to shine brighter, suffering India will have to endure greater suffering.”

He said Mr. Mukherjee “went on to justify that India has lived with higher rates of inflation in the past and, therefore, this is no big deal” and added that the President, in her address to Parliament, “had said that price rise was only “inevitable”.

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