A CPI(M) member on Monday expressed serious concern over the US denying India access to David Coleman Headley, Pakistani-origin Lashkar-e-Taiba operative, for interrogation in connection with the 26/11 terror attacks and asked the Government to be “bold enough” to demand it.

Raising the issue during Zero Hour, M B Rajesh said India has a right to interrogate Headley as he appears to be the prime conspirator behind the Mumbai attacks.

The US has “strangely refused permission” to India to question Headley, Rajesh said, alleging that this was done as the LeT operative reportedly has “close links” with the US Drug Enforcement Agency and possibly with CIA.

In fact, the CIA reportedly gave the LeT operative the name of Headley, he said.

Government of India had no hesitation in allowing Ajmal Kasab, the lone arrested Mumbai attacker, to be interrogated by the FBI but it is “shameful that Government of India is not bold enough to demand interrogation of Headley“.

He said the government must push the US to allow access to Headley.

The US has refused to allow Indian investigators to question Headley, citing legal compulsions.

Latest reports from Washington suggest that the US was going soft on Headley and he could turn an approver.

Headley, 49, was arrested on October 3 by FBI and has been charged with being involved in the Mumbai terror attacks, in which 166 people, including six US nationals, were killed.

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