The Communist Party of India (Marxist) on Thursday suggested that joint operations by the Centre and the West Bengal government against Maoists be backed by intensive coordinated action by the four State governments concerned.

Commenting editorially in the latest issue of its party organ People’s Democracy on the violence by Maoists in the State — their recent attack was on the East Frontier Rifles camp at Silda in West Midnapore — the CPI(M) said the main motive appeared to be to loot the armoury, apart from terrorising the area and making a “blood-soaked statement with impunity that they shall defy” all joint operations by the Central and State forces.

“It is imperative that the joint operations with the Central forces and a coordinated action by the four concerned State governments must be intensified to ensure that peace and normalcy returns to these areas and the threats to internal security are squarely met,” the editorial said.

The party accused the Trinamool Congress of playing footsie with the Maoists and claimed its chief Mamata Banerjee’s unwillingness to name the Maoists as being responsible for the latest attack proved it.

This, despite the fact that the Maoist leaders themselves acknowledged in the media that they were responsible for this attack and an answer to the joint operations to be launched by the Centre and various State governments.

“That the Maoists reciprocate the Trinamool’s softness became clear when their spokesman informed sections of the media that the Maoists ‘will not attack or target the Trinamool Congress…’ A few days earlier Maoist leader Kishanji had extended support to the Trinamool and welcomed its leader’s move to demand the withdrawal of security forces from West Midnapore.”

The editorial said that while the Maoists do not touch Trinamool functionaries, they had “so far, since the general elections, murdered in cold blood 168 cadres belonging to the CPI(M). All these comrades belonged to those very exploited and oppressed classes whose interests the Maoists claim to espouse.”

It said the Maoists were targeting and killing the CPI(M) cadres as part of a game plan to terrorise the general public and in turn favour the Trinamool’s prospects in the coming Assembly elections.

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