The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has expressed concern at the escalating violence in Assam, charging the Congress-led government of Tarun Gogoi with failure to act when the first incident was reported on July 6.

A delegation of the party MPs would visit the State soon, a statement issued by the Polit Bureau said on Wednesday.

Even earlier, the party said, signs of distrust and tension among different communities were ignored. The Union government must explain why it too delayed its response to the violence.

The CPI(M) also condemned what it called a motivated propaganda to justify the violence against the minority community in the name of illegal migration from Bangladesh. “This is a total fabrication since the large majority of people in these areas are Indian citizens who have been living there for decades, having been displaced from their own areas by the erosion of their land by the Brahmaputra and other rivers. It is the tragedy of Assam, a State which has multi-lingual, multi-religious and different communities, that the dominant political parties should practise a [kind of] politics that divides and weakens people’s unity, leading to repeated bouts of violence.”

Demanding immediate steps to restore law and order and severe punishment to those who were directly involved in the violence, the party said the government must give full compensation to families whose members were killed, and to the injured.

“Proper arrangements must be made for relief in the camps where security must be ensured.”