The CPI today demanded withdrawal of a new law aimed at establishing the ‘Chhattisgarh Auxiliary Armed Force’, saying it was meant to legalise an illegal army called Salwa Judum.

The Chhattisgarh Auxiliary Armed Force Act by the state Legislature is to “legalise an illegal army”, the party’s Central Secretariat said, demanding the Centre to “advise the state government not to implement such gross undemocratic legislation”.

Calling the Act as “an undemocratic move to undo the Supreme Court judgement to abolish the Salwa Judum”, it said the private army would again be brought into existence and legalised.

“It is shocking to note that the Act came into force with retrospective effect from July 5 this year, the day the Supreme Court pronounced the judgement against the Salwa Judum. It increased the allowance by 100 per cent to Rs. 7,000 a month, to all members of Salwa Judum,” the CPI said.

Instead of respecting the judgement of the Supreme Court, the BJP government decided to negate it by legislating a new Act “to legalise an illegal army. It is a shame on the part of BJP government to violate the spirit of the judgement”, the CPI added.