A man accused of raping a married woman has been acquitted by a Delhi court which said her conduct was “highly unnatural” because she had “neither raised alarm nor resisted the attempt” made by him.

Additional Sessions Judge Virender Bhat also held that she had no complaint against him as after the incident also she continued buying goods on credit basis from his shop and even borrowed Rs 2,000 from his mother.

“It is apparent from the testimony of prosecutrix that she neither raised alarm at the time of incident nor offered any resistance. As per her testimony, there had been some talk between her and the accused (man) before he started sexual assault upon her. She could have raised alarm and shouted for help but she did not do so.

“...This was sufficient to raise doubts in the woman’s mind about the intention of the accused and she could have shouted for help as soon as she had first seen him in her room in that condition. The conduct of the prosecutrix, as reflected from her testimony, is highly unnatural,” the judge said.

According to the police, the accused, who was running a grocery shop, had raped the woman in March 2013 when she was in her house in west Delhi with her children.

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