We have been urging Pakistan to check infiltration of terrorists to its neighbours: Sergei Lavrov

Russia on Monday said it had been consistently urging Pakistan to check infiltration of terrorists to its neighbours, Afghanistan and India. Asked, after a meeting with Minister of External Affairs S.M. Krishna, as to why Russia appeared to be getting closer to Pakistan, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, “I sincerely hope that you are not asking this question of the belief that India and Pakistan will be foes forever.”

Facilitating ties

“As for our position regarding the situation between New Delhi and Islamabad, it is in our interest that relations improve one day, and we are trying to facilitate that using different discussion forums, including the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), where both India and Pakistan are observers.

“We are welcoming the positions of leaders of India and Pakistan to build up ties and solve problems. Having said that, it important to acknowledge that no compromise is possible with regard to terrorism. This is our position.

“We always urge Pakistani leadership to continue it's efforts for eradication of terrorist hotbeds and to sop the infiltration to the neighbouring countries and this position is stable,” he added.

“Against isolation”

On Russia's contacts with Pakistan, Mr. Lavrov said, “We find it necessary to talk and to cooperate with all countries. It is absolutely important to do it, otherwise it would lead to isolation, and isolation leads to a dead end. We saw an example of Iraq and other places. We are for engagement of all, on which depends the solution of international problems.”

Mr. Lavrov also expressed support for India becoming a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council: “We think that the Security Council would only benefit if India would be its permanent member, and this we take into consideration while discussing reform of the U.N.”

Commenting on revelation by WikiLeaks, he called it an “entertaining read,” but said “on practical policy making we will take into consideration the deeds of our partners.”


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