The Congress on Wednesday cast doubts on the U.S. role in Anna Hazare's anti-corruption campaign and wanted the Manmohan Singh Government to probe the “forces” employing the Internet to further the movement.

“Why was it necessary for the United States to promote Anna Hazare? It raises doubts …The U.S. has never commented on such a movement anywhere[else] in the world… we should take it seriously, we cannot ignore this,” party spokesman Rashid Alvi said here.

The Congress said the social activist was not a member of any party. Neither had any organisation launched a movement of this magnitude. Which were the powers sending the Internet messages and SMS?

Even though some 100 countries became independent after India had achieved freedom, their stature had not risen as high as India's, Mr. Alvi argued. He did not identify the countries.

Referring to the raging debate in cyberspace supporting Mr. Hazare's campaign against corruption, the spokesman said the government should find out who were the forces behind the movement. “Which are the forces [behind it]? We should expose it. Why is the U.S. supporting this [movement], the Government should find out and also who are the forces operating within the country.”

Asked whether the government shared his view, the spokesman said he was speaking on behalf of the party.

To questions about the United Progressive Alliance government promoting a strategic tie-up with Washington, including the civil nuclear power agreement, Mr. Alvi said this accord was in the interest of the country.

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