Jaipur declaration announces creation of organisational unit at panchayat level

The Jaipur declaration adopted at the end of the AICC session here on Sunday after three days of brainstorming in the chintan shivir announced the creation of a new organisational unit at the panchayat level as a link between the booths and blocks and laid emphasis on effective monitoring and appraisal of the performance of party functionaries.

The declaration, comprising 56 points of action, addressed the organisational issues to prepare for the “coming electoral challenges,” while making it clear that the electoral strategy for the States ruled by the Congress would be different from that of the Opposition-ruled States. Elected members of panchayats and municipal bodies, particularly women, the Dalits, tribals, the Other Backward Classes and minorities, would be nominated to various organisational positions at block and district levels and a mechanism devised to ensure absorption of outgoing office-bearers of frontal outfits in the parent organisation, according to the declaration.

The 13-page declaration was emphatic that winnability alone should not be the benchmark for deciding the party’s nominees during elections and a balance was required between loyalty and winnability.

“When senior party leaders recommend particular candidates, they must own responsibility in case of failure.”

The plans to create panchayat-level units were in tune with newly appointed Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s vision to empower the party workers and give them prominence in the decision-making process. In States, where it is in power, Congress will devise plans of action to ensure the “widest possible” communication of its policies and achievements.

For the States where it is not in power, the party will draw up a list of current and locally relevant issues and carry out aggressive demonstrations and agitations, from the grassroots to the State level, on a consistent and regular basis.

“The Congress will ensure that it presents a credible alternative to the party in power in such States,” said the declaration.

Role for Ministers

All the office-bearers at different levels, such as the AICC, the PCC, the DCC and the BCC, as well as those in the frontal organisations will be given specific responsibilities to discharge during the Lok Sabha elections next year.

The declaration said the Cabinet Ministers would be given charge of specific States to monitor implementation of the government’s schemes and address shortcomings.

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