Nearly 75% of the source of funds remain unknown.

The Congress' total income for FY 2012-13 stood at Rs. 425 crore, topping the list of national parties with highest income, followed by BJP, at Rs. 324 crore.

The total income of all national parties for FY 2012-13 was 991.2 crore and the two biggest parties together accounted for over Rs. 749 crore, according to a report filed by Association for Democractic Reforms. The difference between the total income and expenditure was Rs. 342.5 crore.

Congress spent most of its income on administrative expenses (65.89%) while BJP on advertisement and publicity (59.06%). The top source of income for the Congress was sale of coupons/ publications which contributed Rs. 312.24 crore, while for the BJP, it was ‘voluntary contributions’ that accounted for over Rs. 270 crore. Nearly 75% of the source of funds remained unknown.

Party Top 3 items of Expenditure % of expenditure
Congress Administrative and General Expenses Election Expenditure Employee Cost Others 65.89% 28.63% 3.38% 2.10%
BJP Advertisement & Publicity Travelling Meeting Expenses Others 59.03% 16.39% 4.51% 20.06%
BSP Tours and Travels (Elections) Organisational Expenses Building Repair & Maintenance Others 20.29% 19.72% 12.45% 47.50%
NCP Publicity & Advertisement Rashtrawadi Welfare Expenses Meeting Expenses Others 30.58% 17.52% 10.89% 41.01%
CPI Salaries & Allowances Election & publicity Travelling & conveyance Others 36.21% 14.91% 11.71% 37.27%
CPI(M) Salaries & Allowances Relief & Donation Meeting & Conference Others 25.14% 17.29% 9.87% 47.70%

Corporate/ business sector contributed the most, with 72% or Rs. 70.97 crore to the National Parties followed by individual donations with 17% or Rs. 17.01 crore, the report said.

Here’s a graph that shows the number of contributors who have made donations above Rs 20,000 during FY 2012-13.

The analysis of voluntary contributions received by the national parties reveals that the number of named donors from all over India who made donations above Rs. 20,000 is significantly low.