Imran Masood attacked BJP candidate Narendra Modi in an election rally saying he will "chop him into pieces".

The Congress candidate from Saharanpur Imran Masood seems to have landed himself in a soup after being caught on tape delivering a hate speech and threatening to kill the Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi if he came to Uttar Pradesh.

Taking cognisance of the video aired by a private television channel, the police have registered a case against Mr. Masood even as the BJP nominee Raghav Lakhanpal urged the Election Commission to immediately disqualify the former as he was allegedly habitual of delivering hate speeches. Drawing flak from all quarters including the Congress for delivering the hate speech, Mr. Masood said that he was sorry for having said things that hurt the feelings of others. "I apologise, I should not have said this," he said.

The embarrassment comes on the eve of the party vice president Rahul Gandhi’s rally in Saharanpur on Saturday. Meharban Alam Saharanpur Congress district president said that he had heard about the video but had no comments to offer.

Nagma slaps youth

In an unrelated incident, the film star Nagma fielded by the Congress in Meerut slapped a youth after facing an unruly crowd at her meeting in Jali Kothi here late on Thursday evening. A moved Ms. Nagma could be heard telling the mob not to misbehave as such behavior would discourage other good people from coming to Meerut to contest elections. "You are all my brothers and I expect you to behave in a dignified manner so that I can win the elections and work for the all-round development of the masses," she said.

Trouble started after a group tried to mob Ms. Nagma as she approached the dais. She was however escorted out to safety by her security men and party colleagues after the crowd became more unruly and began throwing chairs at the dais.