BJP trashed a Cobrapost sting operation made public on Friday as a work of the “dirty tricks department” of Congress and charged the ruling party with stooping so low in the wake of the rising popularity of its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

“BJP completely dismisses the Cobrapost sting operation on use of social media. Congress has stooped to this level and achieved a new low even before the Lok Sabha elections have been announced. It is frustrated by the growing popularity of Modi and the support for him,” party spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.

Cobrapost has alleged that IT companies are misusing social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to artificially boost politicians’ popularity and malign their rivals, with many firms claiming to be working for BJP and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

The party alleged that this was done by IT companies hired by the “dirty tricks department of the Congress” as the ruling party is faced with certain defeat.

“Congress is deliberately trying to target Modi on trumped up charges. The party is mum on the issues being flagged by Modi. We want the Congress to debate on how it looted the nation, how price rise is backbreaking for the people. All those having faith in democracy should condemn such stings,” Mr. Javadekar said.

“Sole intention of these operations is to defame Modi and the BJP. Congress wants to defame us, spit and run. If they have the guts they should speak out on the real issues. We completely denounce such acts,” Mr. Javadekar said.

He alleged that this sting operation could be the undercover operation of the Congress.

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