‘China definitely had stakes in peace in the region’;‘No division of Jammu and Kashmir would be allowed’

Chairman of the Hurriyat Conference (moderate) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said on Friday that China had a stake in peace in the region, thus suggesting a role for it in the resolution of the Kashmir issue.

The Mirwaiz hailed Tuesday’s joint statement of the United States and China that made a reference to India and Pakistan. It said the two countries could work together to promote peace and stability in South Asia.

During his Friday sermon at the Jamia Masjid here, the Mirwaiz said China definitely had stakes in peace in the region though it was not a party to the Kashmir dispute. “It is an emerging power and Pakistan has also given some parts to it,” he said, adding that the joint statement put at rest the notion that the U.S. and China were working at cross purposes on issues in this region.

The Mirwaiz said he was planning to visit China after Eidul Azha. “I have been invited by an NGO and am going to speak about the Kashmiri perspective of the Kashmir issue there; that Kashmir is a political issue and not any territorial or religious dispute. China is a global power and has huge influence in the region,” he said. International opinion was gathering in favour of a resolution of Kashmir issue, he said and added that “We should not miss the opportunity.”

The Hurriyat chairman sought the joint role of the U.S., China and the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) in pushing for a resolution of the Kashmir issue. “They can jointly play a positive and effective role.” He condemned the government of India for not allowing Kashmiri people to visit China. “Kashmir is an internationally accepted dispute and India should realise it,” he added.

The Mirwaiz reiterated that no division of Jammu and Kashmir would be allowed. Referring to his recent visit to Doda region, he said: “The people of Chenab region and other areas of Jammu are with the resistance struggle in spite of facing tremendous harassment, terror and pressure at the hands of Indian troops and the police.”

“We will not accept any solution based on division of the State on regional and religious lines. New Delhi cannot suppress the voice of dissent here. Jammu and Kashmir is one geographical unit and its unity will never be compromised,” said the Mirwaiz. He said tripartite dialogue was the only way to hammer out a solution. “No one individual can hijack the movement,” he emphasised.

The Hurriyat chairman took exception to certain newspaper reports about a “quiet dialogue,” stating that it was being done to divide people’s opinion.

“This is all propaganda aimed at creating confusion and apprehension amongst the common masses …some agencies and anti-movement elements are hell-bent on sabotaging any move, vis-a-vis a resolution of the Kashmir issue. They earn their bread and butter because of the conflict. Their livelihood is dependent on this issue. They will never aspire or strive for its resolution,” the Mirwaiz said.

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