Playing down the rupture between the Congress and its ally, the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Maharashtra; Prithviraj Chavan on Thursday said the ‘crisis’ was largely a media creation and that the rift was blown out of proportion.

The Chief Minister was reacting to reports that the NCP and a section of legislators within his party were disgruntled with his leadership.

“I am under no pressure from my party [the Congress High Command] leadership. The end result [of the Congress-NCP standoff] in Delhi has been the reinstatement of a co-ordination committee between the two allies to facilitate things better,” Mr. Chavan told reporters here.

When pressed whether he was asked to go slow on cases of corruption involving senior NCP politicians, the Chief Minister wryly asserted there was no question of him going after anybody.

“Some of these cases are sub judice. There is little that the government can do in this,” he said.

Mr. Chavan likewise brushed aside suggestions of dissent within party ranks.

Reports of a ‘complaint letter’, signed by more than 40 Congress legislators allegedly upset with Mr. Chavan’s manner of functioning, had surfaced during the standoff.