Father of the school girl, who was molested by former Haryana DGP S P S Rathore in 1990 and later committed suicide, on Thursday accused former chief minister Om Prakash Chautala of providing wholehearted support to the convict during his tenure.

“We have been moving here and there for the last 19 years. He (Rathore) has been following us and harassing us. He was the DGP. Whom to complain? The chief minister was backing him wholeheartedly. (Om Prakash) Chautala was the chief minister,” the girl's father told reporters.

He also accused former chief minister Bhajan Lal of not doing much in the case to bring the perpetrator to book.

“When Bhajan Lal was the chief minister, he did not do much,” he claimed.

Rathore, who molested a 14-year-old budding tennis player in 1990, was sentenced to six-month imprisonment, 19 years after the incident.

“This six-month imprisonment is no punishment. We want exemplary punishment, so that nobody should dare to repeat such action. My daughter is no more. No other child should be victim of such crime,” the father said, adding that the family was hurt after knowing about such “meagre” punishment.

He said Rathore should have been charged with abatement to suicide.

“They harassed her so much that she committed suicide. So why he (Rathore) was not charged with abatement to suicide? Initially, the court of special magistrate had passed an order that it is a case of abatement to suicide,” he said.

However, Mr. Rathore kept on approaching the High Court all along and was not charged with abatement to suicide, he said.

The father said there were three witnesses in the case. The matter should have been finished in just one week.

Asked whether they were apprehending any fresh threat, he said, “if there is any threat, we will demand security“.

“But I don’t think they will indulge in any foul play with us since the matter has been much publicised,” he said.