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Updated: January 1, 2013 15:28 IST

Send suggestions on rape laws to Verma panel, says Shinde

Sandeep Joshi
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Members of the All-India Students’ Association, the Revolutionary Youth
Association and women outfits participate in a protest march from Central
Park to Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on Monday. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar
The Hindu
Members of the All-India Students’ Association, the Revolutionary Youth Association and women outfits participate in a protest march from Central Park to Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on Monday. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar

Chidambaram says a decision on special Parliament session only after panel submits report

Amid growing demand for stringent rape laws, Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde has asked all political parties to send their suggestions to the three-member committee, headed by former Chief Justice J.S. Verma, formed on December 23 to suggest amendments to criminal laws to sternly deal with sexual assault cases.

On the other hand, Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram told reporters here on Monday that the government would look into the Opposition demand for a special session of Parliament to discuss need for harsh laws to deal with cases related to crimes against women, particularly sexual assault, only after getting the committee submitted a report.

Sources in the Home Ministry said Mr. Shinde was writing to all political parties, asking them to send their suggestions to the committee that would help in deciding need for stricter laws to deal with rape cases.

Reacting to the massive protests in the capital after the gang rape of a 23-year-old physiotherapy student, he had said the government favoured harsher laws to deal with the rarest of the rare rape cases. At present, the maximum punishment for a rape accused is life imprisonment. Notably, Mr. Shinde, who is also the Leader of the House in the Lok Sabha, had rejected the demand of the Opposition parties for a special session of Parliament.

The comments can be sent to email ID - or through FAX at 011-23092675.

So the police in Delhi (and India) is already overburdened, and mindless rules and laws can not stop rapes. Untill you address the root of the problem, the rape epidemic is unlikely to recede.
Some suggestions for prevention of sexual assaults:
1. Segregation of sexes, and proper dressing for men and women (if uhave million dollors..u dont go displaying in night and at lonely places...although u have all right to own million dollors, ITS YOUR MONEY, YOUR CITY, BUT WHERE IS UR WISDOM??
2. Ban alcohol- alcohol consumption is linked to rapes, as was in this case
3. Stop displaying women as sexual objects in media, movies, TV
4. Facilitate early marriages, marriage is likely to make men and women more responsible and reduces the risky sexual behaviour.and most important
5. Strict punishment for the rapists, equal, irrespective of their social or political status.

from:  Dr Imteyaz
Posted on: Jan 2, 2013 at 13:11 IST

one cannot answer the fact that why such crimes take is more
of an ethical issue.if a man is under the influence of alcohol,it does
not mean he will incur such a our society it is more
important to create fear of punishment against punishment
is also not a solution.when a man is sentenced to death, our society
is talkative about it but as time passes people forget those
incidents.what we need is that law and order should be such that a man
thinks twice before committing such crimes.the punishment should
include making such culprits handicapped so that they realise what it
is to bear physical pain,feel helpless, useless and not wanted in the
society.if this kind of punishment is excercised, people will fear law
and crime as well, which i think is the need of the hour.

from:  vidhi roongta
Posted on: Jan 2, 2013 at 09:26 IST

1. Death penalty without appeal for rape of children below 12 years.
2. Death penalty without appeal for rape and sexual assault leading to severe damage of organs or death of victim.
3. Life imprisonment for gang rape without damage to organs or life.
4. Maximum punishment for single man/woman rape on case to case basis.
5. Minimum 2 years imprisonment for other sexual offense.

from:  Shashi
Posted on: Jan 2, 2013 at 01:03 IST

1) There should be national online database with sex offenders names pictures online.
2) Every case that involves a child, or women or old-aged people as victim should be
completed in 3 months at max.These people certainly deserve death penalty.
3) Treat all the cases where child, women or old-aged people are victims as 'rarest of
rare cases.'
4) when there is rape + murder cases there should not be mercy plea allowed to be
submitted for them.
5) The cops who fail to take the FIR and collide with criminals or goons should be
punished too. These cops should be sent to jail for at least 10 years without any parole.
6) Include laws on movie censorship. These days movies are another prime reason that
shows women as mean or object. These sort of movies should be infact banned.
7) Include curriculum "Social challenges in India" in college on how to behave with
proper attitude? or things like that should emphasis humanity.These should be
mandatory for all.emphasis on law,not religion

from:  lenin
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 19:36 IST

Before we indulge in framing the laws, we should have a strong mind
set and public opinion. It is not two-third majority in parliament
that is required to make an amendment to law or to pass a bill. We
all know that the FDR bill just failed but got grace marks to get
passed At least we should consider the following.

What is right and what is required is not to be decided by vote. Or
should it be delayed.
- Cause for this act[law or amendment] is explained in the
parliament or assembly and acted upon. Strict punishments are laid
down for criminal acts.

A welfare bill or an amendment to law for the protection of the
people, need not be debated to allow opposition delay by showing the
deficiency before hand.
- All shortcomings in the law can be corrected by subsequent
amendments. Many a time, courts upon the judgments of other courts
and on circumstances clear many deficiencies and weaknesses.

Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 19:15 IST

One of the main reasons for woman harassment is people addicted to
alcoholic beverages. So, at least there should be some rules and
regulations to control the distribution/sales of alcoholic beverages to
individual. Like, a person can buy only limited quantity of alcoholic
beverages per day. When a person buying an alcoholic beverages, a ink
mark should be marked in his finger to identify later.

from:  mohideenjinnah
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 18:19 IST

Stringent laws do help. There are some people who are deterred from crime only because of the fear of law ( and not because of morality/right/wrong). That would leave the society with a smaller proportion of people who can be prevented by effective policing. The reason why harassment is so prevalent is because there is no effective punishment and men seem to get away with it.

from:  Vinu
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 17:23 IST

Dear Home Minister,
I am not here to going discuss what punishments should be award to
these accused as this job better known by our judiciary as compared to
me, you or Citizen of India. But question here is why these type of
crimes occurs in our society even after more than 65 years of
Even we are living in 21st century still we are following the same old
traditions. Here are some suggestions regarding the social changes we
1. All schools should be co-educational which will help to eliminate
the difference between girls and boys.
2. There should be subject in the course "Social Challenges in India"
in which we should discuss the current social problems we are facing
in our society. What all measures are being taken for these social
3. There should be changes in the cinema as well. In films crime
against women should not be highlighted. These films playing a lot of
role in behaviour of society. Films should present a positive role of
women in the society.

from:  Ajay Rana
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 17:00 IST

Sharu Rangnekar has said in his wonderful book - '' In the wonderland of Indian managers ' that the best decision in Indian companies are taken by deciding to postpone taking any decisions or appoint some committee / sub committee to advise solutions . Our Political managers are following the same .
Every one knows the main reasons for escalating crimes is the punishments meted out to culprits as mentioned in the outdated INDIAN PENAL codes formulated two centuries ago by British in British India . All these codes need to be revised and punishments for these crimes to be enhanced . Rapists should never get Prsidential pardon as Mrs.Pratiba Patil did just before demiting office .

from:  Vijay
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 16:39 IST

Proper investigation should be done.Our vigilance should be strong.By each and everyside we have to do query.Then the guilty person will be given punishment.Every one is having respect in the society.We have to understand the attitude of people before only until unless the crime is occuring.Each and every place,office secret vigilance should be their.

from:  D.Tulsi Rao
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 16:09 IST

This problem is quite complex and no punishment including death sentence
will solve the problem. This relates to how ones own spirit works and the person
committing crime is not the cause. There is something totally wrong with our
education system. The young generation is exposed to so many evils of not their own making. The Government is unable to stop this. To make them rugged to meet any
situation, introducing spiritual science from high school level is a must. Boys
and girls must be allowed to mingle in cosy atmosphere with full awareness of
likely evils that might pop up. There are, I am sure luminaries in this area,
like Bihar School of Yoga and several other places who can help at marginal or no cost. The Children should be sent to Spiritual Camps on holidays. unless the problem is solved at basic level, crimes are likely to continue.

from:  Vasudeva Murthy
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 15:29 IST

Making stringent laws is not going to help. Ex. heinous crime like murder capital punishment is given. Does this stop criminals from committing 'murder'. No. Law enforcement agencies must be vigilant about the activities people like Ram Singh an habitual offender. The community services providers like bus operators, cable operators must not engage people who are branded as 'bad character' by the police. In the instant case death penalty must be awarded the nature of crime being rarest. However, in our country each and every law framed is often misused. If due care is not taken while dealing with eve teasing and sex assault this legal provisions will be used for settling scores OR for extracting money. Delhi is termed as a rape capital. Are all the male community in Delhi is rapist. No. Boys outnumber girls in protest in Delhi Streets.

from:  U. Radhakrishnan
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 13:25 IST

As if they will hear whatever public says. Irony!

from:  dalchand agrawal
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 12:57 IST

First of all, the lawmakers should show their sincerity in tackling this beastly menace of harassing women. But, the present central government has failed this test by commuting the death penalty awarded to seven rapists. Other governments may not be far behind. How can anyone trust them in doing anything meaningful? We must wait for the recommendations of Justice Verma panel. But, the civil society must be prepared to keep the pressure on lawmakers and the executive on the lines of the Lok Pal movement.

from:  Arun Murthy
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 12:04 IST

should follow gulf countries rules,so that no one dares to commit such
things again in the future.

from:  priya
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 12:03 IST

As already been told several times, just three things where we need reforms are police, judiciary and political reforms. no need for more suggestions on how to control such crimes. just fix police, judiciary and politics.

from:  sharmarx
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 11:51 IST

I am amused. A referendum is required to decide whether Telengana should
be a seperate state and such issues from concerned - not for any and
every matter. the govt is posing as if they act as per people's will /
desire. Govt machinery, elected lower house and selected upper house,
vast govt machinery with wide knowledge in almost all areas meant for
governance, enacting laws to the requirement and so on. Purpose of
various bodies / agencies meant only for this. Why such drama?

from:  gopalan
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 11:50 IST

In our country every person is free according to law, it means every
people can do everything according to law. thats why people are misusing
their right.....some people are reping, some are murdering, some are
abusing the government, some are fighting with police, every people
breaking law and thinking that i am doing right
very people should think and do their responsibilities than all problem
will be solved.....otherwis i don't know what will happen of our

from:  Fazlur Rahman
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 11:33 IST

We need to have thirukkural as a separate subject, at all grades. The topics can be segregated based on age groups and grades!

from:  Sivakumar By alasubramanian
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 11:22 IST

There is a tool google had, and is often used for interviews with
President Obama. I think it was called google moderator. This collects
questions from the viewers and also rating from the users to push top
questions up the list. No doubt there will be 1.2 billion suggestions.
The right use of technology and tools will get the prioritized
suggestions faster. We don't need one wise man to interpret in today's
world. The crowd sourcing can go further to short list too. The one
wise man may be more productive applying his mind to the voted list
and then extend his legal knowledge and judgement to pick a consistent
set. The process will be faster.

A second approach is to use another web based tool called debate
graph. This leads rational arguments based conclusions where evidence
and logic are given more weight.

from:  Narayan
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 11:14 IST

life imprisonment ?only 25 years.......that's all !They will be happy
to be in jail than in minor he will be out soon ..
if he can rape how he is a minor!!!! he should get the same punishment.
NO MERCY..........

from:  sudarshan
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 11:08 IST

``sir, it has become a fashion for the centre to ask all political parties to send
suggestions for remedies for all problems as if they are implementing them. this is
only to fooling the public and time consuming. all these suggestions find their
place in dustbin only. not even a glance by the authorities or pm.if they have heard
in the past all wise advice of the honest and efficient persons,this horrible state for
the country has not taken place. lethargy on the part of the government lead to
this miserable , shameful atmosphere in the eyes of the world.NIRs are hanging
their heads in shame for the present condition of India.corrupt and brokers ruling
is going on. youth should realise and think this is the time for them to introspect
and do something for the country. not craze about or western
culture.reduce this craze and do the needful for the nation which is on the wrong
path.old generation lamenting for the values is no use.

from:  kvl shanta
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 11:05 IST

Mr. Prime Minister,

India with its 1.2 billion populations can provide 1.2 billion
suggestions and recommendations. The country is not short of women
and men who are smart and intelligent. Therefore, it is not the
suggestions that are matter, whether the implementation that matters.
The country has the laws at its disposal to deal with all the crimes,
yet failed to do so. Thus, India lost her brave girl and who is also
the great fighter. Why India let its brave citizen to go just like
that IN THE VERY FIRST PLACE? This is a question everyone should ask.
Be proactive and do not be reactive like what you are doing now. Of
course it is better late then never. Whether the country is leading
to failed nation or not, the leader should determine. India will not
progress economically, politically, socially and so on IF half of its
population live in fear. What is the economic reforms for if half of
that same population cannot contribute due to fear. You have to
protect the women.

from:  Sundar
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 09:39 IST

The main reason for such behavior by some unscrupulous persons is due to two main reasons;
1.Degradation of educational system. We are still teaching or studying only to get the jobs. This system was needed and created by the British to make us slaves and we are still the same. We have lost the initiative of creativity. We have almost closed down our manufacturing plants the growth is almost zero as of today.
2.Socio-ethical behavior. We have no information within the educational system on ethical behavior. We make our own rules and punishments for the students making any mistakes in the schools, but we do not provide any training/education about our responsibilities towards the society. We have no books, there are no special classes held in the schools or colleges, no special lectures,no Counseling specialists with the campus.....there is basically nothing

from:  Vijay
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 09:02 IST

Making tougher laws will only be as effective as its implementation. Violent assaults, rapes and murders of women are symptomatic of a deep societal dysfunction. Nowhere is it felt as sharply as in villages and rural areas, where, as one victim put it, the epicenter of this social evil lies. Neither victims or their families come forward to report such crimes, nor do the police take such issues seriously when a few victims find courage to report. A prevalent culture among the policing personnel is to laugh, mock and make light of any assaults on women.Rapes are treated as aberrant male lust, to be tolerated. Both the police who are largely male and Khap-type village elders hold this view. Even if some few reports do get recorded, the police side with the accused, swayed by their moneyed and political connections. We saw this in the recent suicide of the raped Dalit girl in Punjab.In the Delhi case the charged culprits are poor migrants with no political connections, the silver lining.

from:  shyama p waran
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 08:13 IST

Its time for the Youth and Student Leaders actively participate in politics and decision making in the best interest of the Nation and its people. Youth, Women, Academics and Students cannot continue to rely on the old guard that have been failing since independence.

Its time for a real change for the better democracy, greater freedom, full transparency, strong rule of law, strict law enforcement, mandatory punishment for heinous crimes and end of corruption and cover ups.

from:  Shiva
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 06:23 IST

I do not agree with terminal punishment. When we can not create life we can not take life. But I do agree with that chemical injection that takes away the mojo, or even cut that
thing off. I do not know what else to say. One thing I would like to say is please, please every body marching with candles, and protesting, please protest, but not only for the people in cities, but in villages too. especially in villages. Delhi incident was unbelievably sad, but same incidents are going on in India in places they called villages. Majority of people live in those villages, and majority of crimes against women are committed in those villages that are far away from cities like Delhi. Please keep that candle you lighted for her burning for every women, though they may not from a city like Delhi, please they are our daughters, our sisters, our mothers.

from:  Ravikiran Timmireddy
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 06:14 IST

The name of beat police officer no less than a DSP with 181 should be placed on
Billboards,Mobile,Social media and on every available public display.So that before
coming out of house every citizen of the country will know who is responsible for
his security and safety.
All public transport driver,Bus,taxi,auto train or plane should have orientation
done periodically where they will be made aware that the driver is personally and
solely responsible for safe arrival of each and every passenger that boards his
vehicle just the way it is for airplane pilots.
The prosecution for rape and sexual harassment should have brightest lawyers
pleading the case so that we should have one hundred percent conviction and not
one in over six hundred cases.It can't go on like this.All rest of the lawyers and
investigating police officers should be sacked immediately
along with their superiors or they should be posted to home guard or police
building department.

from:  Diva Das
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 03:35 IST

When anger has subsided and reason takes over, The Ludovico
Technique,described by Anthony Burgess in "The Clockwork Orange"
should be considered.
It describes psychological castration,rather than chemical one for
Alex, its anti hero, whose profile is very similar to the Delhi

from:  Surendra H. Shah
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 02:55 IST

Why can’t our government ban all the porn websites? Please take strict action against those seeking pornography. Because of this sites and movies all crimes are happening. Request you to please take strict action on this so that the children of our country will get good education and knowledge. People watch all porn movies and get into crime. I don’t understand why government is giving license for the bars, alcohol, and tobacco when they know that it’s not good things. Why? I don’t think so that our government is uneducated to know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. It’s a humble request to save our country from all evil doing. If u can do something on this then we can save our children. Need to take some action. Government make laws for doing wrong things but they only give the license to do wrong things. In many families there are disputed because of all the above reasons. Wives are crying everyday because of it. The government is only responsible for all this.

from:  Jerline
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 02:37 IST

1.Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Self Protection. Women should seek out every avenue possible. This will enhance confidence and ability in women to handle bad situations, and make criminals think twice before acting.
Subsidised Fitness Clubs, School programs, Government based guarantee of food and nutrition, with a focus on helping women defend themselves, in case that administration cannot be present at that moment of harm. Famous personalities should campaign for women's fitness - bollywood, sportspersons, yoga gurus alike.
2. Remove any diffidence or fear of shame in reporting sexual harrassment - the civilized billion minds and hearts are there to support you. You are not alone. Parents, teachers, leaders, television (basically, affirmative action) need to encourage women to report sexual harrassment with no fear. Why should reporting only happen at police stations? Schools, Electronic Booths etc should be explored as options. Why not privatization of such services

from:  Bharath
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 02:28 IST

Govment should take severe action within 30 days. Fundamental rights of
indian constitution(articles20-22 spell out protection to all persons in
respect to conviction,prosecution) not allow for rapeist.

from:  simran
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 02:21 IST

Punishment for such crimes should be much severe like
1. The accused should be stripped off Indian citizenship and/or
2. The accused should be lodged in prison for at least 50 yrs or until his death which ever
comes first.
3. These accused should never be allowed mercy petition options that people take to
president and so their only option should be to spend rest of their life in prison in solitary.
4. The accused can be given an option to choose between death penalty or min 50 yrs in
prison without mercy plea option.

Most importantly all such cases should be resolved within 5 to 7 business days by setting up
trials in courts that deals only with these type of crimes.

from:  Selva
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 01:58 IST

Who is the prime miniser -- Chidambaram or Manmohan Singh? It is strange the person on whom prime ministership has been thrust, does not open his mouth even on such matters that agitates the people all over the country. He lacks self-confidence, maybe because he was a nominated PM. We should have only persons who have people's mandate to occupy PM's chair, the Constitutional provision, notwithstanding. Actually the constitution provides it to meet some emergencies like the death of the incumbent PM in the midst of a war or some such situations.

from:  Mohanraj
Posted on: Jan 1, 2013 at 01:04 IST
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