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Updated: February 25, 2012 03:35 IST

Centre pulls the plug on three NGOs

    P. Sunderarajan
    Sandeep Dikshit
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Securitymen stand guard at the main entrance of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant. India has told Russia that the government was working on the opening of the first unit of the 2,000-MW plant. Photo: Special Arrangement
Securitymen stand guard at the main entrance of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant. India has told Russia that the government was working on the opening of the first unit of the 2,000-MW plant. Photo: Special Arrangement

Action follows PM's statement that some U.S.-based NGOs are behind Kudankulam stir

Close on the heels of the publication of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's assertion in an interview in the latest issue of journal Science that some United States-based NGOs are behind the agitation against the Kudankulam nuclear power plant, the Centre on Friday announced the revocation of the licences of three NGOs.

Message to Moscow

Simultaneously, India told Russia, which is collaborating with India in the 2,000-MW plant, that the government was engaged in consultations with all stakeholders and appreciated Moscow's patience.

At ‘Comprehensive Foreign Office Consultations,' Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai told Russia's First Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Denisov on Thursday that India was consulting various domestic constituencies and working on the opening of the first 1,000 MW unit, a process that would pave the way for operationalising the second unit six months later.

The Centre has offered half of the electricity to be produced to Tamil Nadu, where four more units have been planned.

Home Ministry probe

Talking to journalists on Friday, Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office V. Narayanasamy insisted that Dr. Singh's statement was based on a probe by the Home Ministry.

Mr. Narayanasamy said the licences of the three NGOs were cancelled after an inquiry by the Ministry found that they were diverting foreign funds for anti-nuclear plant campaign in Kudankulam.

The identity of the NGOs is not known.

“These NGOs were receiving funds from foreign countries for social service… such as helping the physically handicapped and eradication of leprosy, but these [the money] were used for the anti-nuclear [plant] protests,” he said.

Mr. Narayanasamy said, “In fact, the people who are agitating near the plant have been continuing their agitation for the past three months. People are being brought there in trucks from various villages. They are being given food.”

Amid the developments, senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley urged Dr. Singh to elaborate on his statement. The government should come out with facts so that people could judge whether or not the charge against the NGOs was right. “Since he [the Prime Minister] has made this statement, the government should make the facts… public, so that the veracity of all this is known to the people of India, who are in a position to define what is correct.”

In the interview, Dr. Singh said: “[The] atomic energy programme has got into difficulties because these NGOs, mostly I think based in the United States, don't appreciate the need for our country to increase the energy supply.”

In another reference to protests against the use of genetic engineering for crops and in other sectors, he said: “There are NGOs, often funded from the United States and the Scandinavian countries, which are not fully appreciative of the development challenges our country faces.”

Kakodkar backs Manmohan

PTI reports:

The former Atomic Energy Commission chief, Anil Kakodkar, shared Dr. Singh's sentiments, saying “a nuclear power plant cannot be put under siege the way it has happened now.”

It was strange that a large project ready for implementation which has met all safety requirements, even environmental and when there is tremendous shortage of electricity the country's development should become “hostage” to foreign forces, he noted.

“By just exploiting the Fukushima sentiment this entire thing has been built up,” he said adding ” a nuclear power plant cannot be put under a siege the way it has happened now.”

CPI leader D. Raja alleged that the Prime Minister was trying to isolate some of the worker NGOs, who are working among the people of Kudankulam

@ArvindR:The reactors that were shut down in Japan since the Fukushima
disaster are going through check up.Japanese government will
ultimately decide to resume the reactors which are being checked,after
setting new safety standards based on lessons learned from the
Fukushima as demanded by local governments.THEY HAVE NOT BEEN CLOSED
DOWN FOR EVER.Investigations have revealed the tsunami,not earthquake,
was the direct cause of the accident.The lack of emergency power and
the inability to restore it eventually led to the loss of four reactor
units and release of radioactivity.Half of the Japan is fed with 60Hz
power and the rest in which Fukushima is located is supplied with 50Hz
power supply ,crucial bottleneck in restoration of power to cooling
systems of the plant in spite of power being available nearby.The
companies operating the other reactors have committed that they will
strive to restore trust by taking all possible measures to ensure the
safety of nuclear power generation.Note.

from:  D.Vijay Raj
Posted on: Feb 26, 2012 at 19:12 IST

As of Jan.2012, 49 of Japan's 54 nuclear plants are offline. Radiation levels on the sea-bed near Fukushima are 15000 times the new raised limits of acceptability. The real extent of damage in the plant is yet to be resolved, let alone contained. Rehabilitation is in a state of stasis. All this from NHK TV and in the most technologically advanced nation in the world. Yet the Indian elite brain-washed to the American Dream is baying for Koodankulam. The cool, composed logic and wisdom of the opponents is evident, in contrast with the slight to heavy hysteria of the proponents. The tirade against the NGOs has to be viewed in this perspective. It is a pity that in a land where buttermilk in a pot used to be placed on the 'thinnai' of houses, and strangers requested to partake of food at meal times, feeding the protestors can bring down the wrath of the powers that be.

from:  Arvind R.
Posted on: Feb 26, 2012 at 05:17 IST

Mr. Shanmuganathan... the fishing and farming is happening. Who told
you it is not? Have you not seen in the TV that the crowd comprises of almost old people and women only. The men folk carryout their daily work and support their families. As for fishing it happens only in the night. And all the surrounding villages (irrespective of religion and profession) make a weekly contribution. If you have any doubts you might as well go there and find out for yourself. Or send an email to Udayakumar and get details. What interests do they have in Kudankulam project? Without knowing this simple fact you have come here to shoot questions? THEY RESIDE NEXT TO THE PLANT. They were asked to vacate and run away to safety in the dead of a night, when these EXPERTS made a trial run. Before asking questions try to learn about the subject, sir.

from:  Kevin
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 23:42 IST

It is a discriminatory attack by the Central Govt. on the common masses of the Indian society, who believe their life and livelihood are under threat and hence they stage such agitations. Is the Russian Govt. willing to carry the nuclear waste back to their nation? May be the protesters come to the negotiating tables? I make a wild guess?

from:  Frank
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 23:23 IST

Here the main issue is not either Christianity nor the conversion story.The Koodankulam Nuclear Power stir is continuing for the last one year or more,no Fisher Man is venturing into the sea for Fishing,no Farmers are doing any Farming,no business man is doing any business,
in other words no body is working for their daily food,but they are very happily living and their daily expenditure are met.All knows that they [the agitators] are being paid for their daily needs,we want to know,who pays the money and what interest they have in Koodankulam nuclear power project.

from:  V.Shanmuganathan
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 20:32 IST

Where is the full information about the NGOs? Are they really foreign funded? Is there any probability that this is a ploy to suppress some voice? Are we really going to the right direction?

from:  tuhin
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 19:56 IST

It is important the government keep aside their business interests and
put little effort to know about the consequences of chernobyl and
fukushima nuclear power plant disasters before venturing in to this
vicious adventure of opening up kudankulam. the consequences (involving
both human and economical) of an accident will be far reaching than
the investment made on this project. even if there is no accident, the
radiation that emanates through air and the wastage dumped on the sea
will destroy one of the unique eco-system of our country.

It is also necessary at this point of time for the PM to open his eyes
and ears to see and hear the people's protest against the plant which
they believe will affect the environment and thereby destroy the
livelihood. it is irresponsible for a leader to release statements on
his foreign tour or try mudslinging at a particular individual or NGO,
instead he should keep in mind the number of innocent people whom he
is putting to risk by pushing this project

from:  Murali
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 19:33 IST

The anti nuke protests have largely been rhetorical rather than based on
any logic. Yet it is the responsibility of the government to educate
common people about the projected energy demands and how the Indian
three stage nuclear power program will help meeting them. Although,
BWRs, EPRs and VVERs have nothing to do with the three stage nuclear
power program but it will help increasing the total installed capacity
in short terms and also generate experience feedback. It also boosts
confidence in running such a complex system.

from:  Mithlesh
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 18:36 IST

If PM is making such a big statement then why he is not revealing names of those NGOs. May be in future someone from government can blame BJP and RSS for their hand behind these protests just to divert people from the issues of corruption and Lokpal.

from:  virendra
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 18:10 IST

I read here and in other publications about curbing illegal conversions whenever there is news about Koodankulam protests. People take this view just because the protesters are Christians. They fail to understand they are fighting for the hindus of the adjoining villages also. The perception of most Indians are that Indian Christians are converts and whites(Europeans, Americans etc) are ORIGINAL Christians! And the Indian Christians got converted by taking money for conversion. Let me tell you, except Jesus and his disciples EVERYONE ELSE in this world are converted Christians. Christianity is just 2000 years old. Some Keralites became Christians even long before Christianity reached Europe. Coming to the people of Koodankulam, the entire village is Christian. Coastal villages from just below Ramanathapuram till Trivandrum became Christians in the 1500s. And to become Christians THEY PAID THEIR OWN MONEY.
These people are sea farers belonging to the paravar/bharathar community who find mention in Tholkaapiam and several sangam literature. They were into maritime, pearl fishing, fishing etc for time immemorial. Their headquarters was Korkai in the olden times, then Pazhayakayal and then Punnaikayal. They were immensely rich in the pearl trade and one of the main contributors to the Pandyan kings. Tambiraparani shifted its course during the years and their main harbour shifted to Tuticorin. In the 1500s they had a big confrontation with the muslim traders who are from Arabia settled in the coastal areas. They had almost became slaves to them. Finally they had to resort to the help and protection of the Portuguese fleet who were plying this area for trade. The Portuguese demand for protection was annual payment from the pearl trade plus conversion to Christianity. So these people had paid money from their pockets to get converted. The first printed Indian book was funded and printed by these Paravars. It was the Tamil Bible. This is the first printed book in the entire Asia. It was the inspiration for others to follow. The other contribution is elementary education - irrespective or caste, creed and religion. Again coming back to conversion, you won’t find a single converted member from other caste/religion in their villages.

from:  Kevin
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 15:52 IST

Whenever confronted with intractable problems the SriLankan government has always been blaming local&foreign NGOs.It seems now that ManmohanSingh government in India also emulating SL government in diverting the attention of the people from the real issues by blaming NGOs for the Kudankulam embroglio.

from:  balanna
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 15:05 IST

Readers should know the contribution of the NGOs in various fields
which the Government/politician is least bit bothered. Even taking
into account of misappropriation happening in few instances, the
percentage of benefits reaching the needed will be immense, than the
government and GOs. Everyone knows where the allocated funds end up in
the government programs. And do you know a very interesting thing.
This same government which is accusing NGOs of getting money from
foreign, accepted this month that India is getting 280 million pounds
as aid annually. Google and find out for yourself.

from:  Chandrakant
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 14:49 IST

What tricks by Congress men from top to bottom? Not able to
confront genuine protests they always try to throw mud at people who
are at loggerheads with the government. It works meticulously to dig
up something against them from past/present, just to silence them,
rather than clearing accusations or solving issues. We have seen this
tactics recently with Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi etc.
Instead of clearing their doubts 100% they are trying to attack them
, (who were inspired by Anna Hazare's fast), from another angle..the
religious angle.”NGO's were providing funds”. The Congress/government
machinery is working 24/7 to find out where the money is coming for a
HUNGER PROTEST. Everyone knows that mostly it is the women who sit in
the fast and men go to work. Just because they do fishing how do
people come to a conclusion that they are poor and need alms to eat a
meal? And another perception is that they are illiterate. They are
well to do and have the basic education

from:  Chandrakant
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 14:45 IST

Any person having interest in international relation could be easily
guess about the involvement of US or China in this kind of activity. GOI
should play proactive role in the identification of this kind of NGOs to
avoid future delaying in the National Development programs.

from:  gaurav rai
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 13:56 IST

Hats off to the Prime Minister for his plain talking. Most people have believed that the Kudankulam protests are mainly by foreign funded NGOs with an agenda of their own. We hope the PM takes similar blunt actions on other trouble makers as well.

from:  S.A.Krishnan
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 13:35 IST

This is how the government was taking the public for a ride taking advantage of their illitracy. There is fear in the minds of the poor uneducated people located near the nuclear plant. Instead of removing their fears, government has lost its patience and is trying to force it's will. How will the poor people voice their concern? Only by protest. How can the protest by poor people be sustained for so many months? Surely there are people funding it. It is common sense & there is nothing wrong in that. What is wrong is government is not removing the fears of the people located near the nuclear plant. They could perhaps shift them to another location etc.

from:  K Stephen Daniel
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 12:30 IST

PM’s caution on NGOs needs to be taken seriously. NGOs could be
created in a jiffy to espouse interested agenda. People will= not
even know that the NGO concerned is suspect. George Monbiot in his
book Captive State: Corporate Control devotes a whole chapter on how
this physical animal is prowling the scenario these days. An American
multinational on the crucial day of EU Parliament voting orchestrated
a demonstration of wheel-chaired patients –who did not know what they
were being used and participated innocently –to impress the E
Parliament members to vote for approving their patent demand - a
product of doubtful validity and usefulness. The Kudankulam NGOs could
be of that variety. Let us not therefore be carried by such
demonstrations and do our homework of finding their roots.

from:  s subramanyan
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 12:26 IST

Unfortunately the present mood in the government,which is under attack from all sides,seems to be in favour of shooting the messenger who brings messages unpalatable to it. More unfortunately large sections of the media plays along with the government on this.

from:  K.Vijayakumar
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 12:18 IST

India has just began to hunt places to dump its nuclear wastes
from past decades. Globally still there exists no foolproof
solution for the safe disposal of hazardous nuclear wastes which
will be radioactive for thousands of years. I wonder which state
or locality will accept to have these wastes buried underneath
their ground. Also lets not play God by predicting earthquakes.
There exists no technology in the world which can predict
earthquake. If the people of the locality do not want a nuclear
plant in their vicinity its absolutely their right! Lets not
forget the Bhopal tragedy! Its ultimately the local people who suffer and not us who demand power for our luxurious life but not willing to utilize it efficiently! Our grids waste so much power due to leakage and theft. Smart use of power should be our first duty before demanding dirty power in the name of development. Blaming the NGOs sounds like a desperate move to downplay the genuine peoples movement.

from:  Chilambarasan
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 12:13 IST

I really appreciate our PM's action. I am waiting for the day Kudunkulam
Nuclear Plant starts to function. People complain and fear everything because of ignorance. Fears about polio vaccination is one such example.

from:  shobana
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 12:02 IST

May be our PM and his learned team want to divert the primary issues in corruption , issues of money laundering, break down in scientific organisations like DRDO,ISRO etc.from being brought before public scrutiny. Unless complete transparency is introduced in organisations funded by public money by withdrawing official secrets act, manipulations by interested parties shall continue

from:  Atis
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 11:51 IST

The DAE and the GoI have not been honest. Just see what is happening in villages
surrounding UCIL mines in Jharkhand. No wonder people are scared.

from:  S.V.P.Kumar
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 11:35 IST

Not one single American Nuclear Reactor MNC in India has commissioned a single Nuclear Power Project Plant due to the ongoing disagreement between Indian & US over the controversial Nuclear Liability Bill passed in Indian Parliament which penalizes the Nuclear Power Plant equipment suppliers of big penalties of wrongdoing in the event of a Nuclear Catastrophe. While the American want Indians to hand over Trillions worth of Nuclear Power Plant Projects, they don't want to share the liability arising out of a nuclear eventuality. However, at the same time, they can't withstand the French & Russians providing Civil Nuclear Technology to India by quietly agreeing to most clauses contained int the Indian Nuclear Liability Bill. The real issue lies with the Americans & their cunning propaganda machinery that is spreading canards via the NGOs and the foolish media who would not understand a zilch about the mechanics of a Nuclear Power Project.

from:  Rocky
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 11:17 IST

That some NGOs get foreign funding is a known matter, though the govt has not done anything to blcok this funding. In fact, the anti-Modi NGO tirade in Gujarat, with the help certain English TV channels, is the finest example of foreign money flow to these so-called NGOs. Repeatedly filing cases on some pretext or the other in various courts, planting stories with help of certain media friends on the eve of the court hearing in an effort to influence the proceedings , highlighting the Gujarat riots again and again and deliberately ignoring the Godrha incident which actually triggerd the riots , igonoring the fact that many Hindus were also killed in Gujarat riots ( some in police firings), interviewing some tutored alleged victims etc all these need heavy funding and govt should order a probe into it. I spoke to many Muslims in Gujarat and so far nobody has alleged that they were descriminated.

from:  Vaidyanathan
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 11:02 IST

While it is perfectly right to take action against those NGO's who carry out agitations for neferious motives, we should also not forget the actions of business lobbies who do their best to break popular agitations for their profit motives in the name of bringing development. Those who blindly support any project in the name of development should also try to look into the situation of people directly affected by such projects. We have already seen such situations in Kerala, where Income Tax dpt charged tax on the compensatory money given to people evicted for development purpose. Besides this people evicted for such projects and those who are affected by the project are treated with utmost disrespect forcing them to wander around courts and government departments for the rest of their lives to get their compensation resulting in unbearble mental agony. People like Dr. Manmohan who sit in the comfort of their armchair at their cozy homes can never feel the hardships of the affected.

from:  Praveen Koshy Vaidyan
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 11:02 IST

what comes to my mind is this, when the Government is influence by the United States Government and its Nuclear Power Industries on the Nuclear deal is part of 'Foreign Policy'. When NGO's is influenced by other international NGO's in informed decision making processes for the downtrodden is 'Foreign Conspiracy'. Is this another trick of the Government to divert us from the main issue; Rampant Corruption and A-Z Scams.

from:  U.D.Tmar
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 10:58 IST

I think the people have the right to agitate if they feel their existence or survival is threatened. The need of the hour is to bring crystal clear awareness on the project - its benefits and its probable impacts on the lives of the people in line with the world of Anil Kakodkar “a nuclear power plant cannot be put under siege the way it has happened now.” It was strange that a large project ready for implementation which has met all safety requirements, even environmental and when there is tremendous shortage of electricity the country's development should become “hostage” to foreign forces, he noted. This mess up things happen due to loophole and gap between the people and the government. It is the right of every citizen to know and reciprocate.

from:  Hejang Misao
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 10:52 IST

This is a welcome step. Out of nearly 74000 NGO's in India, not even
10% of these declare their source of funds and there is clear lack of
accountability to the public. In the name of NGO's, no country should
be allowed to perpetrate people's unrest in the country on any issue.
Under the garb of nuclear safety, these NGO's has been leading the demonstrations at Kudankulam power plant just at the time of
commissioning of plant, which clearly defies any logic. Indeed, there
are broader agendas of NGO's and politics rather than safety of
people. Moreover, this plant has been termed as one of the safest by
many independent panels and committees.

from:  sanjay
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 10:51 IST

It is high time these unwarranted protests are thrown out, they are blocking the development of the country.

from:  TMJ
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 10:37 IST

At long last the Government seems to be moving. The agitating members should scientifically prove that the plant is unsafe ; otherwise they have no right to continue with the agitation. The expert teams appointed by both central and state governments have said that the plant is safe. What else is needed? It is a national waste that the huge amount of money spent on the project is lying un-utilized especially when Tamil Nadu is reeling inder severe power shortage. I expect the PM to take stern action at the earliest to stop the agitation and commission the project.

from:  Mohan
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 09:51 IST

statements without much colaborating evidences should not come from the mouth of the top most authority of India. I hope there are facts to support that story. When Govt. already have banned three NGOs than why they are keeping mum about it? will they tell it only when some one apply RTI application?

from:  Tarun Gupta
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 09:50 IST

It is a well known fact that creating trouble for projects has become a business and many NGOs make huge money by indulging in it. Talking against the NGOs was a taboo and the project promoters remained as silent victims of such black mail. Mr.Manmohan Singh's statement is a welcome wake up call. All NGO protests, at least from now on, should be viewed only against the merit they deserve and not emotionally. Let us put an end to unreasonable NGO blackmail and march towards progress.

from:  R.Padmanabhan
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 09:44 IST

To launch a protest of some kind in India does not cost much in US Dollars, compared to the kind of moneys involved in selling technology, equipment and nuclear fuel to India. Had Kudankulam been set up with some "western" country's involvement instead of Russia's, there would be no protest, no delay, and no fuss of any kind. NGOs have been used for a very long time to carry out background political and social agendas. Nice to see our government waking up, at last, at least on one issue.

from:  B S Kumar
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 09:28 IST

ok lets see the root cause.. Assuming that this is right step, why these NGO's were successful in bringing Mob to protests? as i read the article again and again the cause being "THEY WERE GIVEN FOOD". Really??? Isnt that lame??? Had it been better times in India, people could have had more to think about than just fulfilling bare necessities to live.

from:  Anuj
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 09:18 IST

Since these NGOs were receiving funds from foreign countries for social service such as helping the physically handicapped and eradication of leprosy,so the Kudankulam Project, which is feared to cause similar disaster as Fukushima in Japan did,and hence is protested.The Nuclear waste is destined to make people not only physically handicapped but also force them to suffer from various other ailments......viability of a project doesn't only depend on what benefit it accrues to others.But also on what loss it can cause in future.And overall even if the quantum of benefit is more than the loss expected,the project should be left out.

Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 08:01 IST

Will the state government intervene in a assertive and constructive manner and pave way for the early commissioning of the Koodankulam plant. The state has been suffering because of obstuctions by a few agitators.

from:  R SNaagarazan
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 07:36 IST

With reference to : In another reference to protests against the use of genetic engineering for crops and in other sectors, he said: “There are NGOs, often funded from the United States and the Scandinavian countries, which are not fully appreciative of the development challenges our country faces.” -- Dr. Manmohan Singh erred in this as the NGOs funded by US & Scandinavian countries are behind the entry of GM in to India as well illegally carrying out experiments in farmers fields even before they were cleared. In fact I filed a case as back as 2001 on Bt-Cotton after seeing this. Most unfortunately Dr. Singh was briefed in this aspect by the very same people working as PR for GM MNCs. Appel -- India being a tropical country is hazardous to have GM. Let our scientists work on indigenous innovations created by farmers.

from:  Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 06:18 IST

I am writing this from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu where me and my industry peers are falling apart in every way beacause of the 10hour power cuts. We get just 3 hours of power during the normal working hours. Business, children, housewives, traffic .. you name it, everyone is being tested to their limits of patience.

Yes, we are concerned about safety of a nuclear power plant; not only for those living near by, but for the whole world. Yes, we would have opted out of nuclear power had we had an alternate. Given todays energy crisis/requirements and possible solutions, what other viable method can anyone suggest? NGOs should spend their money & time researching on alternate solutions rather than throw spanners at solutions brought out by planners over years of thought.

Who does not live his live without risk? Driving my kid to school is a risk! But then can I stop my kid going to school? Everything in life has a good and bad. We can only do a balance act on that.

from:  B Swaminathan
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 05:42 IST

Center should also revoke the licences of the NGO raking up the trouble for Gujarat CM.

from:  kiran
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 05:26 IST

I agree with Kakodkar that a Nuclear Plant should not be put under siege. The plant should start as early as possible but that does not mean people opposing Nuclear Power are antinational. (I wish to avoid this, but decided to say it, --I think it was Bernard Shaw (or is it Mark Twain?): Nationalism (or is it Patriotism?) is the last refuge of a scoundrel). Kakodkar says more people are for it than those opposed to it. As a scientist he knows that majority view on a subject could be wrong many a time.
That Nuclear Energy alone could save the poor people of India is a myth in my opinion. As Nehru has said, Science has taught us how to produce more. But it has not taught us how to distribute the fruits of science equitably. Of course, the Nuclear Science could be lethal and the worry is that it will be distributed equally-- to rich and poor, believers and non believers.
The opposition to Nuclear Power is Universal and to brand all of them as antinational (or being funded by US or en

from:  V.S.Venkatvaradan
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 05:11 IST

We need to congratulate our PM on making this bold statement. To gain insight how these foreign funded NGOs are wreaking havoc, one can read the book Breaking India by Rajiv Malhotra on scholarly well researched account on systematic attempt to weaken India. One can search on Youtube for videos on Breaking India. Hope the opposition parties also come together rather on this important to get rid of this menace rather than play politics. As per the research carried out for the book, even tax payers money in some countries are used for this purpose. And certain foundations that have established offices in India and channelize funding, are not transparent in sharing information, saying they do not keep records in India.

from:  Krishna
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 05:00 IST

Well done, Mr Prime Minister. There are many NGO's being run with foreign funds whose real agendas are to undermine India's national interests. I am glad Govt finally woke-up and took the bull by its horns. We must have a watchdog in place to monitor the activities of all NGOs in the country.

from:  Ravinder
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 04:58 IST

Energy is the life blood of progress and development of any nation and
most certainly India. I would recommend strict criminal prosecution
against any NGO's that are trying to sabotage the measures we take for
our energy security. I welcome Government efforts to start tracking from
where they are people are receiving money and the outside interests who
want to undermine Indian sovereignty.

from:  Srinath Hedge
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 04:47 IST

The poor can be and are routinely exploited to participate in various politically
motivated rallies for a payment. You can't blame them or hope to convince them of the harm it does.
The government should actually find ways to punish the exploiters very severely for such anti-national acts. Freedom of expression is to express one's beliefs, not to air someone else's vested interests for a payment.

from:  V. Ramaswami
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 03:24 IST

Mr. Singh should elaborate on the topic and put all the facts in front
of general public as this will ensure the genuineness of his statements.
India should have a concrete mechanism of scrutinising the source and
usage of the funds received by national and international NGOs. India is
in deep need for increasing energy efficiency and this kind of incidents
can be negative, if not fatal, for the overall growth of the country.

from:  Anupam Sain
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 01:46 IST

If foreign NGOs with their proficiancy of foreign language can interfere ,speak and stall the progress of the commissioning of the project in an area where majority understand only Tamil, where is the missing link?.If India or very specifically state of Tamilnadu can't convince our own people (who still got lots of apprehensions) in a language known to them what is the point in passing the bug on foreign NGOs.In a way it casts a dubious image that, despite all the efforts taken by Centre and State ,an outside agency is able to establish their presence felt in Indian soil.Are we going back to British rule?.What is required is let the Prime Minister convince the CM of Tamilnadu first,once that is done it is half resolved.Then further discussions can be held with people.Let us not forget the fact that people's participation is inevitable in any societal issue.We cann't move an inch betraying their concern.Literally we need to do more ground work within the nation and not in the US.

from:  Bose A Panicker
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 01:43 IST

Is this selective expose?

from:  Pavan Peechara
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 01:35 IST

Why the Prime Minister hesitates to mention the name of three NGOs?
Union Minister Narayanasamy said that the licences were cancelled.
Then what is the secret in keeping mum to pronounce the three names
of NGOs. Will the PM adopt the same strategy in Parliament if
Opposition side want to know the names of three NGOs?

from:  N R Ravisankar
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 01:35 IST

Call it simple math or simple truth; the benefits of the project outweigh the potential costs. Power shortage is crippling the country and I believe it should be treated as a national emergency. Factories have to adjust the operations to the power cuts, the quality of life is degrading, international investors are wary, and the list goes on. Given that coal production and imports missed the targets, not enough infrastructure for gas imports, and integration of renewables on a large scale to the grid impossible nuclear power is the rational choice now. Even after the Fukushima disaster US Nuclear Regulatory Commission gave green signal to set up a nuclear reactor. If the loss of life is the biggest concern probably more people die every day of accidents, dog bites, and poor health care. I don't discount the fears the opponents have but the benefits far more outweigh the costs.
I wouldn't be surprised if the suspected role of NGO's is true.

from:  Raza
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 01:16 IST

It is very nice to see our Prime Minister making bold statements. All of a sudden how come these strikes. Role of Churches has to be investigated. Government should tell all the details of these NGOs and people and fund beihind it

from:  Ravikrishnan
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 01:09 IST

Kakodkar who claims as Nuclear Expert must realise that nuclear power corporation has never taken the kudankulam people into confidence and taken their consent for the risky reactors by holding public hearings as envisaged by international norms on siting and establishment of Nuclear plants.Without consulting the people for whose benefit the plants are proposed what good does it serve?

from:  T.V.Rama Rao
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 01:08 IST

This report is a mix of the NGO probe and power plant project. Very
confusing to read and understand.

from:  Sumit
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 01:03 IST

I am pretty sure there is some foreign hand behind it. Government should do a thorough inquiry and punish hardly these NGOs who are hindering our development plan.

from:  Amardeep
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 00:52 IST

Will our Prime Minister go into the foreign funding of NGOs working in the forest districts of Odisha?.

from:  Purushotham
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 00:52 IST

PM Singh is fighting for the rights of the people of India to develop. Yet its amazing he is already being abused by NGO's publicly. People of India wake up stand up to the enemies of progress within sponsored by those without.

from:  Sewah
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 00:43 IST

PM says that the anti Kudankulam movement is supported by the
American NGOs and Scandinavian NGOs. Can you make it public the
names and address of such NGOs and the support details. Narayanaswamy
was saying that 55 crores of Rupees came from a German NGOs. Which are
these NGOs and what are the bank details of such transfer and meant
for what?

from:  Thomas Kocherry
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 00:36 IST

Good to hear that PM speaks on this issue. It's a commendable
decision of govt to ban such NGO. We have to have faith that what our
PM who usually keep mum on major controversy issue comes out in open
to state this fact to nation. Govt should come with heavy hand on
such organisation as well people involved with it.

from:  Pawan
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 00:30 IST

First Baba Ramdev, second Anna Hazare, Third Social Networking Sites and forth NGO. See how this government is misbehaving and acting as if like emergency. People of India are mere spectators.

from:  Sharma
Posted on: Feb 25, 2012 at 00:23 IST

Any similar NGOs using money for illegal religious conversion should also be banned.

At last India has woken up to these anti-national groups.

from:  Senapathy
Posted on: Feb 24, 2012 at 23:57 IST
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